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    The 23 Most Canadian Moments From The 2015 Juno Awards

    So much Canadian-ness crammed into just two hours.

    1. When Tim Hortons got in on the Magic with their 360 cam.

    Live from the @vine 360 booth presented by @TimHortons on the #JUNOS Red Carpet with @ournameisMAGIC

    The room was spinning from too much java.

    2. When actual mounties infiltrated the red carpet.

    Singer @Kiesza shines bright on the #JUNOS red carpet #JUNOS2015

    They always get their (wo)man.

    3. When a little cold wasn't going to get anyone down, and production came prepared.

    Who will heat up #JUNOS red carpet? Or should I say what? #cbcarts #cbcJUNOS

    4. (It was a good thing, too, because host Jacob Hoggard showed up in a gold onesie.)

    That time @JacobHoggard showed off some sweet dance moves in gold onesie:

    Few men pull off gold unitards anymore...

    5. When they asked this guy to give out an award.

    View this video on YouTube

    Jared Keeso will always be that guy who played Don Cherry for those CBC movies.

    6. When, during a commercial break, we were reminded that the JB roast was still happening.

    7. Hey, at least the band Arkells was excited.

    The men of @ArkellsMusic were just a little excited to try out our Bieber Photo Booth... #etalkJUNOS #JUNOS

    Everyone needs a good man crush now and again.

    8. When Canada's most famous Mau5 came out to play.

    9. When The Trailer Park Boys showed up.

    10. And so did this guy!

    11. Even the Prime Minister dialed in...

    12. When Jacob Hoggard joked about checking this off a to-do list, and getting "kicked out of Canadian Tire" was one of them.

    13. When the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages presented an award.

    Heureuse d'être aux #Junos2015 et de parler avec Keisza, en nomination dans la catégorie "Révélation de l'année"

    She cleans up nice.

    14. When Shawn Mendes tried to convince us he drank milk 'cause he's still underage, proving Canadians love self-deprecation.

    15. And when Shawn joked that he was the white Russell Peters.

    16. When Ben Mulroney got a new nickname.

    17. When Jacob couldn't help himself and issued a requisite Leafs jab:

    18. When an Inuit throat singer introduced us to the Canadian "CockRockTail" mix.

    19. When this little piece of childhood was brought up...

    20. When Alanis Morrisette, AKA Canadian royalty, was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

    21. And then Alanis gave the most Canadian acceptance speech ever.

    💕 Thank u! "@TheJUNOAwards: Congratulations @Alanis, the 2015 Canadian Music Hall of Fame Inductee! #ThankUAlanis "

    22. And followed it up with an Alanis mash-up full of class, grace and nostalgia.

    Watched @Alanis perform Uninvited/You Oughta Know/Thank U at the @TheJUNOAwards & recall her singing Ironic on the 1996 show. #ThankUAlanis

    Congrats @alanis on being inducted to the Cdn Music Hall of Fame. We've got one hand in our pocket and the other one is giving a standing O.

    "I love Justin [Bieber]," Alanis Morrissette just told me. So that's where we're at in Canada. #JUNOS

    You, you, you oughta know @Alanis is the ULTIMATE CANADIAN DREAM. #JUNOS ❤️🍁💃

    23. Even Jacob got in on the Alanis and Canadian love with his closing performance.

    Thank you @JacobHoggard for being a great #JUNOS host! He has a 'thank you' of his own:

    "Thank you @BenMulroney's hair!" Automatically the best cover ever @JacobHoggard #etalkJUNOS

    "Thank God Nickelback wasn't here." — Jacob Hoggard.

    Bless you. "Thank God Nickelback wasn't here." @JacobHoggard speaks what every Canadian is thinking.