14 Things You Should Know About Shad, The Guy Who Replaced Jian Ghomeshi

    The new q host steps in today.

    On Monday, CBC welcomed Shad as the new host of q.

    To honour the occasion, CBC changed the show's title from capitalcase Q to lowercase q.

    They even unrolled new merch for the occasion.

    Come watch the #TheNewQ debut with @shadkmusic on Monday. Win some cool Q swag! http://t.co/0QF3G7sOmi

    Mugs don't count as written correspondence.

    Here's what you should know about the newcomer to Canadian radio — on the heels of his first show:

    1. Shad was hired after guest-hosting the show last January.

    2. He was selected from more than 200 potential candidates.

    3. Before this gig, he was a celebrated musician.

    4. His first album When This is Over was recorded with money he won at a talent competition.

    5. He beat out Drake in 2011 at the Junos for Rap Recording of the Year.

    MT “@shadkmusic named host @CBCRadioQ http://t.co/k8iGAo2boY @cbcradio @CBCMusic ” great choice! Canadian music icon!

    6. And been shortlisted three times for the Polaris Music Prize.

    [News] 2014 Polaris Music Prize Short List Announced featuring Shad and Drake http://t.co/vqDMTaBFaL

    7. Even amid all of the recognition, he hasn't let it all go to his head.

    8. Basically, he's an all-around cool human being.

    (g): shouts to @rocketcases for this @PolarisPrize piece

    9. One who might have a teensy crush on Lenny Kravitz.

    10. Shad holds two degrees: one in Business from Wilfrid Laurier University and a master’s in Liberal Studies from Simon Fraser University.

    11. Plus he's an incredibly well-read guy who celebrates Canadian authors.

    Presenting nominee @danvyleta tonight at the #GillerPrize. (Photo c/o @websterMC)

    12. To launch the big day, CBC hosted a free viewing party at its Toronto location.

    Which he, unsurprisingly, handled with grace.

    Dare we say he even enjoyed himself?

    13. And while backstage, he won the nation's heart.

    14. Most importantly, he reps Canada.

    Welcome to the new gig, Shad.