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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Toronto Blue Jays Player Based On Hotness

Happy home opening ;).

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It's the Blue Jays' Opening Day today, so we thought we would help kick off the season with a very important contribution:

Here is every player on the roster, ranked by hotness.

23. Aaron Loup

Aaron Loup of the #MLBJays arms aren't meant to do this

If he's this much of a contortionist on the mound, imagine what he can do in bed.


22. Todd Redmond

Todd Redmond of the Toronto Blue Jays models the new hat for pitchers.

You know what they say: the bigger the hat, the bigger the ...

21. Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna

Roommates, close friends and a big part of the #bluejays future Miguel Castro and @RobertoOsuna1

We feel like these youngins' are double trouble, but also up for anything. #PuppyLove

20. Colt Hynes

Mmm, gimme some! #colthynes #padres #cleatchaser #baseball #sexyboys #men #mmm

We're not sure about #cleatchasing, but given this new Jays' arm reach, we're willing to give it a whirl.


15. R.A. Dickey

It's only polite to warm your hands up before cuddling too, right?


12. Steve Tolleson

Having fun with no shave November. This is my best Robinson Cano impression. If I keep it maybe I will hit like him.

We like a guy who can publicly support an international cause...


Off day with my three special girls. So excited to see them. It has been way to long.

But also wears his heart on his (usually camo-covered) sleeve.


We're also totally down with his sense of humour.

9. Aaron Sanchez

After he finishes running towards your heart, you can exchange all of your best eyebrow-maintenance tips.

8. Josh Donaldson

Because he'll obviously pick the best pump-up music before making it rain with you.


7. Dalton Pompey

Now this is a guy who nows how to use his tongue, even after a good workout.


My first bass ever out here in the Everglades with @Kyle_T_Smith & #TwitterLessMike !

And yes, he could catch us dinner too.


3. Edwin Encarnacion

An intense gaze is ideal for romantic, candlelit dinners. It's like he can see our souls.

2. Daniel Norris

When the apocalypse happens, we'll be safe with Daniel in his van. Since he lives there half of the year anyhow, his survivalist skills will be top notch. Bonus points for that beard, which will keep us warm on chilly nights.


Living in a van hasn't stopped him from keeping up-to-speed on technology, either.

1. Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista

We love a dude who is comfortable enough with his masculinity to not only share bromantic moments like these...

But to also post them on social media. And the Spanish? Now these guys know how to ...roll their tongues. Batters up!