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    The Definitive Ranking Of Every Toronto Blue Jays Player Based On Hotness

    Happy home opening ;).

    It's the Blue Jays' Opening Day today, so we thought we would help kick off the season with a very important contribution:

    Here is every player on the roster, ranked by hotness.

    23. Aaron Loup

    Aaron Loup of the #MLBJays arms aren't meant to do this

    If he's this much of a contortionist on the mound, imagine what he can do in bed.

    Toronto Blue Jays

    Just look at that arm span.

    22. Todd Redmond

    Todd Redmond of the Toronto Blue Jays models the new hat for pitchers.

    You know what they say: the bigger the hat, the bigger the ...

    Toronto Blue Jays

    Arm reach?

    21. Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna

    Roommates, close friends and a big part of the #bluejays future Miguel Castro and @RobertoOsuna1

    We feel like these youngins' are double trouble, but also up for anything. #PuppyLove

    20. Colt Hynes

    Mmm, gimme some! #colthynes #padres #cleatchaser #baseball #sexyboys #men #mmm

    We're not sure about #cleatchasing, but given this new Jays' arm reach, we're willing to give it a whirl.

    Toronto Blue Jays


    19. Mark Buehrle

    Who can resist a man with a dog?

    Or several of them? Too bad he wasn't able to bring them to T.O., thanks to Ontario's pitbull ban. On the plus side, a man with a cause is even hotter.

    18. Brett Cecil

    Twitter: @jcecil27

    A dude who's good with kids is an instant charmer.

    Twitter: @jcecil27

    Also, a man with glasses = automatic sexy points.

    17. Dioner Navarro

    There's something to be said for being a gentleman who lends a helping hand.

    Especially one with confidence.

    16. Justin Smoak

    The Toronto Blue Jays

    He looks like an intense dreamer, doesn't he? One who dreams of whisking us away on a surprise getaway. All. Around. The bases.

    15. R.A. Dickey

    It's only polite to warm your hands up before cuddling too, right?

    It's also worth noting those hands know how to do this.

    14. Liam Hendricks

    Twitter: @Swilkinson25

    Posing with fans is nice, but we're all about these dimples and retro shades.

    Toronto Blue Jays

    Wonder what he looks like stretching first thing in the morning?

    13. Drew Hutchison

    *Tips his hat to the ladies* We see you, Hutchison.

    Toronto Blue Jays

    Even his windup seems gentlemanly.

    12. Steve Tolleson

    Having fun with no shave November. This is my best Robinson Cano impression. If I keep it maybe I will hit like him.

    We like a guy who can publicly support an international cause...

    And who isn't afraid to get a little dirty...

    Off day with my three special girls. So excited to see them. It has been way to long.

    But also wears his heart on his (usually camo-covered) sleeve.

    11. Marco Estrada

    Toronto Blue Jays

    We'll also sign up for dark, soulful eyes. Especially those of a new player. #FreshMeat

    10. Russell Martin

    Twitter: @russellmartin55

    A well-balanced guy is key, but a dude with this kind of flexibility begs for limits to be... tested.

    9. Aaron Sanchez

    8. Josh Donaldson

    Because he'll obviously pick the best pump-up music before making it rain with you.

    7. Dalton Pompey

    6. Kevin Pillar

    If he can dive through the sky like this, just think of his Superman moves in bed.

    Twitter: @KPILLAR4

    One might be in for a "ride."

    5. Devon Travis

    Twitter: @DeVoTrAv

    Just look at those arms -- perfect for bear hugs AND guarding all of your snacks. With someone like this, we'd never go hangry again.

    My first bass ever out here in the Everglades with @Kyle_T_Smith & #TwitterLessMike !

    And yes, he could catch us dinner too.

    4. Danny Valencia

    Twitter: @BlueJays

    Baby face? Check. Long arms to take perfect selfies of your romantic dates? Check. An obvious penchant for shopping? Check. Just so long as his personal closet isn't bigger than yours.

    Twitter: @STolleson83

    Okay, we're not that worried about his closet being bigger than ours.

    3. Edwin Encarnacion

    Twitter: @Encadwin

    Naturally inclined to snuggle = NOTED.

    2. Daniel Norris

    1. Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista

    Who's pumped?

    Go Jays, go!

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