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19 Soul Food Recipes That Are Almost As Good As Your Mom's

Fish don't burn in the kitchen, beans don't fry on the grill.

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There is nothing like a soul food dinner on a Sunday night, and black families have been handing down their favorite recipes for generations.

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Just a little "light" dinner. No big deal.

1. Fried Chicken / Via

The nexus for all things soul food — fried chicken is often imitated but hard to duplicate the way grandma made it. Make this mouth watering recipe found here.

2. Macaroni and Cheese

Many a family function has been known to come to a halt if the "wrong" person made the mac n' cheese that year. Spicy Southern Kitchen has a delicious recipe.

3. Jambalaya

Every mom's favorite weeknight one-pot dish! We dare you to complain about all the ingredients. Check out Gimme Some Oven's version.

4. Peach Cobbler / Via

Recipes are known to be handed down in families for years and only shared under penalty of death or an impending marriage. Check Food Network for this delicious recipe.

5. Collard Greens

Food Network / Via

This is not your hipster kale, these are real deal collards and turnips and have chunks of smoked meaty goodness for added flavor. Here's a great adaptation to try.

6. Biscuits (Cat Heads) / Via

Whether you call them catheads or drop biscuits no doubt you remember this melt-in-your-mouth goodness on a Sunday. Reminisce with this recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen.

7. Caramel Cake

Grandbaby Cakes / Via

Always the first cake to be sold at the church bake sale, sweet memories are attached to every forkful. Try this delicious recipe here.

8. Red Beans And Rice

Often called the "mashed potatoes" of soul food, you can use red beans as a side dish for EVERYTHING as well as a hearty main dish. Try this tantalizing recipe here.

9. Banana Pudding

Food Network / Via

You knew your Auntie meant business when she showed up with the sole reason Nilla wafers exist. Try this mouth watering recipe.

10. Seafood Gumbo / Via

It's ALL. ABOUT. THE. ROUX. Hailing from Louisiana, this classic southern creole dish has many interpretations but Creole Contessa's looks legit.

11. Sour Cream Pound Cake / Via

Not all pound cake is created equal and the old school versions all call for using sour cream. I Am Honey Bee shares her favorite.

12. Creamed Corn

At some point, every daughter-in-law needs to bring a side dish. This is a good start. Check out the Damn Delicious interpretation.

13. Sweet Potato Pie

No holiday has ever passed in which sweet potatoes were not harmed for this divine dessert. For a tasty take on this classic check out Grandbaby Cakes.

14. Shrimp and Grits

When your mom was too tired to make a big meal, this was her go-to. Healthy Aperture gives it a go.

15. Candied Yams / Via

As close to dessert as you can get while still being allowed to eat them for dinner. Try out A Dash Of Soul's rendition.

16. Black Eyed Peas

More than just a hip-hop group of the early '00's, this traditional New Year's Day dish has been around for centuries. South Your Mouth has a crockpot version.

17. Okra, Corn and Tomatoes

Immaculate Bites / Via

If your parents are from Tennessee, Louisiana or Alabama (or anywhere in between) you had some version of this dish in your life. Try Immaculate Bites take on the dish.

18. Cornbread Dressing

This ain't Stove Top and it's not "stuffing." If you mess this up you've basically ruined Thanksgiving. Try G. Garvin's take on the family favorite.

19. Monkey Bread / Via

Please note, those recipes you see going around with cinnamon, sugar and Pillsbury rolls? That is NOT monkey bread. This is. It's hard to find anyone who's willing to give theirs up, but Salad In A Jar has the closest we've ever seen.

What recipes do wish your mom or grandmother had passed down to you?