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What's One Life-Changing Beauty Tip Or Trick Your Mother Taught You?

Beauty is as beauty does.

For many women, their mother is their first beauty icon.

You may have grown up watching her fix her hair and meticulously apply her makeup—and no doubt picked up a pearl of wisdom along the way.

20th Century Fox

"Always do you eyes first, then the rest of your face."

She might have shared the magic of eyebrow arching at an early age.

"Sit down, honey, let me show you how it's done."

Perhaps her tip of having a "signature look" always stood out to you.

Bonninstudio / Getty Images

"You really can't go wrong with red lips, my dear."

Or maybe she's not all that into makeup but ingrained certain beauty routines into your head just as a way of life.

"I apply just a little bit each evening."

Whatever it was, we want to hear from you. What was one life-changing beauty tip or trick you learned from your mother?


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