7 Signs You Are Still Not A Grown-Up

…in spite of the fact that you no longer live with your parents and manage to support yourself financially. You can try and pretend you’re a responsible adult, but let’s face it, you’re not.

1. 1. This is constantly what the inside of your fridge looks like

Well, at least it’s clean!

3. 2. This is about as close as you get to having real food at home

I think it’s time you went to the supermarket…

4. 3. Even when you go to the supermarket, you still only come home with this

Hey, there are fruits and vegetables there.

7. 4. You still think it’s a good idea to go out drinking mid-week

…despite the fact that you have work the next day where you actually have to do things

9. 5. You still think this looks like an excellent idea

11. 6. This ecard speaks to your soul

13. 7. This is an accurate description of you at all times

Independence, you love it! Just try not to get scurvy, okay?

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