19 Irrational Fears We Probably All Have

    You're not alone, but it'd be pretty scary if you were.

    1. Finding out that your phone has been listening to your conversations, which is why they are creepily accurate when it comes to the ads you see.

    Scared for my life... went to the store to by no shows socks then later on I got on amazon and the first suggested item... no Show SOCKS!!!!


    2. A bug crawling into your ear and laying eggs as a part of their big plot to take over our bodies.

    3. Introducing your friends to something you love and fearing they'll shit on it.

    Am i the only one who gets nervous about taking my friends to my fave restaurants because i'm scared they won't like it??


    4. Driving through long tunnels and being afraid it's never gonna end.

    5. Or better yet, driving behind a truck carrying those long metal planks that might come through your windshield one day, like in a Final Destination movie.

    those FINAL DESTINATION movies have made me very scared of: -construction sites -laser eye surgery -driving behind a truck carrying any sort of large pointy objects -being alive


    6. Walking over a sidewalk grate or storm drain and falling in like that scene from IT.

    7. Having the hiccups for a long time and fearing that this will become the rest of your life.

    Every time i get the hiccups i high key get scared i'll be one of them people who have them for years


    8. Getting an infection from even the smallest of cuts and thinking it's the end after seeing every episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    9. Being told that you're uncool by little kids, who are the most brutal critics.

    Whenever I go for a walk in my local park and see kids playing football, I’m filled with an irrational fear that the ball with be kicked in my direction and I’ll have to kick it back and make such a mess of it that they’ll just look at me with pity in their eyes.


    10. Getting trapped in an elevator with your least favorite person ever and being forced to look at them for hours.

    11. Bugging someone by speaking up or making a simple request and fearing they'll end up hating you forever.

    Me: *slowly dying from heat exhaustion in the back of an uber* Also me: *too scared to ask the driver to turn up the AC*


    12. Getting snatched every time you get in an Uber or Lyft and not being able to defend yourself.

    It really be the younger siblings that are bullies. I was telling my mom that I was scared to catch a Uber cause I might be kidnapped and my 9 year old brother, out the blue said “Sissy you’re too ugly to get kidnapped...” https://t.co/yEdVxrB8KH


    13. Opening a closet door and finding a monster inside waiting to drag you to their world.

    14. Accidentally swallowing a fruit seed and having a tree grow in your stomach that'll lead to your demise.

    #MyChildhoodFear is the same as my adult fear, that an apple tree will grow in my tummy if I swallow a seed.

    15. Being home by yourself and worrying that every little sound, like the AC or a creaky floor, is a creep coming to kidnap you.

    16. Oversleeping for an important meeting or class, so you set a million alarm clock reminders.

    17. Being watched on hidden camera by a large audience like something from The Truman Show.

    18. Getting into your car and finding a killer waiting for you in the backseat or realizing you're being followed.

    driving home at night used to be my lil peace get away now I’m just fukin paranoid the whole time that someone’s following me lolz


    19. And finally, having your card declined when there is a long line of people, even though you know you definitely have money.