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DIY: Turn Your Boxes Into Handy Drawer Dividers to Get Organized

Turn your messy drawers into perfection!

What You Need:

Contact paper

Box Cutter

Cardboard (Amazon boxes)


1. Measure the length, width, and depth of the drawer.

2. On a piece of cardboard, create a base insert the size of the length by the width of the bottom of the drawer. Add the depth length of the drawer to all 4 sides of the rectangle. Cut this shape out.

3. Draw and cut out 2 pieces that are length by depth and 2 that are width by depth. Multiply by how many of each you will want. Each divider piece will be made of two layers of cardboard.

4. Mark where you plan to have the dividers intersect and make cuts into the boards, from the edge to slightly past the middle.

5. Slide the base insert into the drawer and fit the dividers together along the cuts made. Organize to your heart’s desire.

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