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18 Affordable Amazon Products That'll Save Any Freshman's First Term

This isn't the most glamorous list, but you'll thank us later.

We Know What’ll Give You Life This Semester Based On Your Major

These things may not count toward your required courses, but they’ll give your life extra credit. With fast, free two-day shipping, Amazon Prime Student will make sure you have everything you need for your major and more.

11 Movies Every English Major Should See At Least Once

Watch these movies and you'll graduate "seen 'em cum laude." Luckily for you, they are all available on Amazon Video, included with an Amazon Prime Student membership!

21 Useful Things That’ll Make Next Semester So Much Better

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17 Budget-Friendly Amazon Products Any College Student Can Give

Because your credit-card statement doesn't need to be as scary as Finals week. With fast and free two-day shipping, Prime Student is the gift that keeps on giving for all your last-minute shopping needs.

17 Amazon Products That Will Save Any College Student’s Halloween

Halloween is here. Amazon can handle all of your affordable decoration and costume needs and with Prime Student get fast, free shipping.

11 Struggles Of Going To College But Living At Home

Three cheers for sleeping in our childhood beds!

How Ready Are You For Class?

It’s going to be okay. Amazon Prime Student has you covered for all your last-minute needs.

15 College Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

They may not be on your syllabus, but these books are required reading. You can get them and other items with free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime Student.

10 College Students Give Life Advice To Their Parents

"You can never send too much ramen."

DIY: Turn Your Boxes Into Handy Drawer Dividers to Get Organized

Turn your messy drawers into perfection!

College: Then Vs. Now

Today, college students get 50% off Prime and Free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime Student.

What College Book Changed Your Life?

*learning intensifies*

9 College Courses That Will Blow Your Mind Open

The most important things you learn in college might not come from your major. Explore all the courses and never worry about getting textbooks again with Amazon Prime Student.

5 New Uses For Your Shoe Organizer

Perfect for your college dorm!