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12 Charts That Perfectly Capture Your First Semester At College

Double spaced > single spaced.

1. Setting your priorities for college.

2. Embracing the laundry-room vortex.

3. Learning to love victories of all shapes and sizes.

4. Taking as much as you can get, whenever you can get it.

5. Realizing not all roommates are created equal.

6. Suffering from the no-parking-pass paradox.

7. Or the class distance/pajama ratio.

8. Having your diet change for the worse...but also the better.

9. Having reality hit and never recovering.

10. Being trapped by the tiniest of mistakes.

11. Seeing there are only two types of parents in the world.

12. Thinking you have money, then remembering you’re in college now.

Images designed by Naugle/BuzzFeed.

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