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17 Amazon Products That Will Save Any College Student’s Halloween

Halloween is here. Amazon can handle all of your affordable decoration and costume needs and with Prime Student get fast, free shipping.

With Halloween coming, here are some spooky decorations and costume starters that just might save your college soul:

1. Dress up as everyone's favorite telekinetic kid with this pink dress and blue jacket combo.

2. Make sure your pets can join in the Halloween fun with this pet costume.

3. Scare the fear of looming finals into all who knock on your door with this screaming doormat.

4. Pair it with these haunted house sounds to make your floor-mates think your dorm room is truly haunted.

5. These dog ears will turn into your favorite filter.

6. Or if you fancy another filter, this flower crown will do.

7. Make your room look like the textbooks you haven't opened yet with 16 feet of spider webs.

8. And thanks to this 72-count pack of spiders, your webs will be as packed as the library during finals week.

9. Grab a pair of these tiny finger hands to really make your Halloween "bigly."

10. Take some time off from studying and de-stress with this Halloween-themed coloring book.

11. Trick-or-treat yourself and get this 45.8 oz bag of mini-sized candy.

12. Already tired of hanging out with your roommates? Ghost on them with this ghoul decoration, your new best friend.

13. Really get into character with one of these colored wigs.

14. Or get this one and pay tribute to one of the greats we lost in 2016.

15. Achieve any look you want with this extensive Halloween makeup kit.

16. Take some notes from Theater majors and make your Halloween as gory as possible with some stage blood.

17. And grab a copy of your favorite Halloween series to really get into the ~spirit~.

Make your Halloween scarier than the week before finals. Amazon Prime Student has fast shipping and affordable prices on Halloween decor and costumes!