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17 Things That'll Get Any College Student Through A Football Game

Literally field #GOALS.

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1. Rally up your fellow students at the tailgate with this megaphone.


Let your voice be heard for only $14.99.

2. You'll be playing a lot of Cornhole at tailgates. Get some practice in beforehand with this set.


Prove to all the alumni that your class is where it's at for only $39.99.

3. Maybe you already have some dark lines under your eyes because college. If not, this game-day face paint is for you.


Intimidate with your face for $8.99.

4. Because tailgating parties rarely have chairs, use this inflatable lounger as a portable couch.


Save all the standing for the actual game for $23.95.

5. You can drown out the sound of the other team's tailgate parties with this handy, portable bluetooth speaker.


Play your school's fight song on repeat for $18.99.

6. To pack a jacket or not? This pocketable travel blanket is the answer.


Never fear going to a night game again for $15.99.

7. You can refresh your feeds without killing your phone if you bring this portable power bank.


Post about those unfair ref calls all day long for $10.99.

8. Even if it's raining, the game will go on. You can too with this umbrella hat.


Keep your hands free for stadium snacks for $4.99.

9. So you don't have to lay your bag down on a sticky stadium floor, consider bringing your belongings in this fanny pack.

Keep everything handy on your fanny for $15.99.

10. Your drink will stay cold for the entire duration of a day game thanks to this can cooler.


Have some chill for only $11.97.

11. You're gonna get hungry. Fuel up for the big day with these nut bars.


Add some variety to your life with this 12-count variety pack for $21.42.

12. There's no reason why you should be as sweaty as your team. This mini handheld fan will help you keep your cool.


Be your school's biggest "fan" for only $12.99.

13. You're gonna be on your feet a lot. You'll need some affordable, comfy shoes like these light-up trainers.


Bonus points if they come in your school's colors. Only $24.89–$26.89 (depending on your size).

14. The only thing worse than losing the game would be losing the game AND getting a sunburn. Sunscreen — you'll need it.


Hold off on working on your tan until next semester for only $9.49.

15. We won't tell any of your classmates you don't know anything about football. We never even saw you look at this book.


Become an expert for only $15.47.

16. Watch out for the mosquito Hail Mary. These repellent wristbands will let you tackle them head-on.


Get the one that matches your team's colors for only $14.95.

17. The other team will never make a field goal with you waving these inflatable thunder sticks at them.


Make a distracting sea of noise with 48 of your classmates for only $17.34.

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