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Somebody Created A Cat Relgion?!

What? You´ve got to be kitten me.

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Somebody has made a cat religion.


Where there is 3 types of cat races, or breeds, and there is a so-called holy book names the Aleorus. It claims history of cats, facts on explores coming across it, and even a post on 'how they are believers'. I did my research and it turns out the holy book is not residing in the Natural History Museum, as claimed. Also many of the people spoken of do not exist, or are simply there is no evidence or proof. But the stories are highly detailed, I give them that.

So basically, they fooled a bunch of people into thinking there is an actual religion. Good job.

The name of the religion is 'Felism' and it is described by the authors 'the new groundbreaking religion'. Right. Also their introduction is a little far fetched. Just a little.

"This is the (new) official website to Felism; the groundbreaking new religion. Cats are seen as gods. The explanation is clear. Cats have seven lives, thus practically immortal. Gods are immortal. Then cats are gods. We devote our lives to our loved cats, and ensure their well being. To enter the religion is simple, you feel a strong connection with cats and you read and take to heart the Aelurus, the holy book."

This is the link:

But at the end of the day, perhaps cats will rule the world and we will be forced to Felism, but cats, just keep being you.

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