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People Are Sharing Normal Photos With Very Disturbing Stories, And You’re Going To Want To Keep The Lights On For This

I clearly wasn't planning on sleeping tonight.

Recently, Reddit user u/KermitTheFraud92 asked, "What is a seemingly normal photo that has a disturbing backstory?" and you'll definitely want to read this during the day.

Here's what people shared:

1. Polish Constitution Day celebration in Chicago

First Lady Rosalynn Carter shaking hands with serial killer John Wayne Gacy

2. American volcanologist David A. Johnston

American volcanologist, David A. Johnston sitting at the Mount St. Helens eruption site in 1980

3. The Station nightclub in Rhode Island

4. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571

Survivors from the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash

5. Franklin Delano Floyd and Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Franklin Delano Floyd and his stepdaughter, Suzanne Marie Sevakis, posing for a family photo

6. John Edward Robinson and his family

John Edwards Robinson holding Tiffany Stasi as a baby

7. The Lawson family

The Lawson family posing for a portrait

8. The Whitakers at a graduation dinner

Bart Whitaker, right, with his mother, Trisha, and brother, Kevin, at his graduation celebration dinner

9. Tyler Hadley's Florida house party

Tyler Hadley holding a cup and posing with his best friend Michael Mandell

10. Father and daughter in Omagh, Northern Ireland

A father with his daughter sitting on his shoulders in the street

11. La Mataviejitas, Juana Barraza

12. Missing Big Island hiker

Missing Hawaiian teen posing in front of rocks; a man hiding in the bushes

13. Genie standing for a photo

Genie posing for a photo

14. JP Morgan and Lya Graf

JP Morgan holding Lya Graf in his lap at a Senate Banking Committee hearing

15. The Hartley Violin

The Hartley Violin

16. American physicist Harold Agnew

Harold Agnew holding the nuclear core of the Fat Man atomic bomb

17. Camp staff taking a day off

SS personnel posing for a photo

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.