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    This Viral Twitter Thread About Names' Historical Meanings Will Make You Want To Learn About Your Own

    Moon Moon, is that you?

    Before you read this, ask yourself: "what does my name mean?" If you don't already know, I'm here to ✨inspire✨ you to learn.

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    Dr. Andrew Reinhard, an archeologist of "digital things & the recent past," asked users to introduce themselves as their names' meanings.

    Introduce yourself as your name's meaning: (First, Middle, Last) Hallo, I’m the Strong, Dark Heart of the Rhine.

    He said that while he's not the originator of the trend, he was happy to see people's responses.

    Reinhard told BuzzFeed, "The meme looked like a lot of fun so I reposted it for my followers as a welcome distraction to [waves hands around at everything]. I had no idea it would take off like it did, but the responses were amazing, very fun and positive."

    @adreinhard Defender of men, god of war, lives at bitter farm....this thread sort of reminds me of the names dogs call themselves

    As a digital archeologist, his studies center on "how people interact as a community within technology. I'm curious to see how fast memes live and die, how they are shared (and by whom), and how the very nature of memes changes over time. Culture defines these, and it's reciprocal: memes help define the culture."

    Some names make you want to frolic in a field of flowers.

    @adreinhard Hallo, I am the Noble, of the Spring the bright renown!

    Twitter: @theAliceRoberts

    Others sound like someone you'd meet on an epic journey.

    I'm Peaceful,unique,mountain dweller.

    Twitter: @bryonydynamohr

    And some sound like they came right out of a movie.

    @adreinhard Oh golly my name is so intense — Hello I am pure victory, messenger of destruction

    Twitter: @CatherineTalb

    Reinhard was excited to see the thread go global.

    Hallo, I’m the Beloved, Gracious, Breeze.

    "As the meme picked up speed, it circled the globe with people from Russia, Asia, South America, and not to mention Indigenous people in the United States replying in their own languages (occasionally in translation), reflecting their own cultures and traditions."

    Some names carry an air of royalty.

    Hi I'm Noble ladylike, Brown

    Twitter: @_habyasun

    Some may have even found relatives in the thread.

    @HoneyBeeRock @adreinhard And I'm your sister, Waterfall Beloved Rock!

    Twitter: @fornicaked

    Maybe a long-lost cousin?

    There are names that sound like titles of bestselling novels.

    I am the Captivating Snare, the Child of Joy, the Tree That Bears the Sacred Bells

    Twitter: @Sachiko123

    And others were not as...poetic.

    Twitter: @AndyP2609

    But maybe it's just a matter of interpretation.

    "On a deeper level, a number of people said they'd never explored their names' origins, and they learned something."

    @adreinhard I didnt know who I was til you made me look it up. I am Fair-haired Humble, by the Brook

    Twitter: @BarryByrne0

    We love self-discovery!

    "As humans, I think we're hard-wired to share information, and more fundamentally, to share an emotional experience. At a superficial level, this game was fun because almost everyone came out sounding like a character from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or a fantasy RPG. It left me wondering why we don't walk around introducing ourselves as 'Strong Dark Counselor' (my name)."

    Want to learn about your name's origins? Check out websites like Ancestry or Behind The Name. Or ask your parents!

    So from now on, refer to me as The Servant of God Who Defends and Dwells in the Woods. (So I'm basically the Lorax).

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    What's your name?

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