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    People Are Sharing The Subtle Psychological Tricks They Use Every Day, And It's Wild

    Now I'm wondering how many times people may have used these on me...

    Recently, redditor u/rgb145 asked, "What's a psych trick you love to use?" The tips people are sharing have honestly left me questioning every interaction I've ever had.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "Whenever someone is showing you around or demonstrating something to you, open your mouth ever so slightly. Doesn't have to be much; barely a centimeter is enough. It makes you look intrigued and fascinated by whatever it is you're being shown."

    2. "FOR MY RETAIL/CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKERS! If you encounter a grumpy, rude customer at work, clarify that you appreciate their patience and understanding. Even if they aren't being patient and understanding. [You can put them in] a specific headspace without their knowledge, and soon enough, they'll actually start exhibiting that behavior. It's kind of like implanting false memories. They'll think to themselves, You're right. I am super patient and understanding! Even though that might not have been the case."


    3. "If you ever are in a competition (sport or other) that requires a lot of skill and your opponent is beating the hell out of you, ask them, 'Man! You are playing great today! C'mon! Tell me. How are you doing that?' Asking that forces them out of [their] zone by having them actively think about what they are doing and, in the process, screw up their great performance. Works like a charm."

    4. "Asking someone to do me some small trivial favor before asking them for a major favor."

    5. "I've noticed that people will let me do kind things for them if they think I'm doing it for selfish reasons. 'No, let me cook for you! I need to practice making this dish!'"


    6. "The best way to get someone to do what you think they should is to give them options. End it with 'I personally like this one and would do it, but it's your choice.' 99% of the time they go with the one you wanted but are convinced they made the decision themselves."


    7. "Sometimes staying silent in a negotiation works in your favor. Silence often feels uncomfortable, so the other party will offer up something by filling the quiet space with words."

    8. "I always smile when I see/approach/get approached by anyone, so they immediately think I’m happy to see them. Makes me a lot of friends and helps conversations start better, too!"

    9. "The FORD method for making conversation: ask about Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams. People will instantly feel like you care, and it can avoid a lot of awkward conversations. Get to the end? Just circle back to the beginning."


    10. "If you're talking to somebody, mimic their facial reactions to the conversation. Smile when they do, crease your brow when they do, etc. You have to work to make it seem natural and not like you're purposefully imitating them, but if you pull it off, they'll walk away thinking better of you."

    11. "You really don’t have to add much to be part of a conversation. Just occasionally repeating part of the other person’s sentences as a question can be more than enough to continue their momentum."

    12. "When someone says something I don't agree with/to, I repeat the last two or three words that they said back to them with a slight upward inflection and then look at them in silence until they back peddle."


    13. "Creating value through absence. That often leads people into thinking I provide valuable info whenever I open my mouth."

    14. "Walking towards someone, look where you want to go, and they'll move away. But more likely they will move to their right."


    15. "The Andorra effect. Basically treating a person like they already behave like you would like them to. For example, being excited when you give someone a task because you totally believe they will do their very best makes them do their very best."

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What small psychological tricks do you use in life? Let us know in the comments!