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15 Of The Best One Direction Moments In 2015

How has anyone actually survived 2015??? There is a chonce that these moments helped.

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15. We Tuk a Chonce

"WHAT THE FUCK IS A CHONCE?!?!?!" This person is speaking for the entire fandom. Bless.

13. Perfect Music Video

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Basically Harry's Instagram wet dream but damn it is PERFECT.

12. Drag Me Down Music Video

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I mean... two music videos in a row and NO Ben Winston. There must really be a God.

11. Harry's Poutine Speech

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"MICHAEL BUBLE…Michael Buble on the shoulders of Rocky, wrapped in a flag, on a moose, riding in here, covered in syrup, on poutine, and you’re all everywhere watching the whole bit go down." And this is only a tiny part of it....

10. Liam in the Banana Suit

"SHUT UP THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS" and it really was...

7. Dodgeball with JC

This was the first interview we got after Zayn left.... and HOLY SHIT IT ROCKED ALL OF OUR WORLDS! What a way to keep us hopeful. Not to mention they all look mmmm in their shorts. Also HARRY'S THIGH TATTOO! WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!

6. Project No Control

What an amazing time to be in the One Direction fandom. Management sucks so it was left to the fandom to promote a new single for the boys. After Naughty Boy dissed Louis vocals it was our duty to protect our baby and so was born Project No Control. We flooded the radio stations to play it AND THEY DID! It was such an amazing time for the fandom.

4. Just Louis Tomlinson in General

He is the cutest baby kitten in the entire world, like... *starts crying*

3. Oh No Niall!

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After Niall fell over everyone (including Liam and Louis) tweeted #ohnoniall. Poor boyo.

2. 5 Years of One Direction

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No I'm not crying... YOU ARE!

1. The Larry Hug

Whether you ship them or not, this was a profound moment for everyone who witnessed it. I personally lost my shit when this happened and posted upwards of 25 pictures of this moment on Instagram. No shame.

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