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Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Significant Other

Learning how to live together while resisting the urge to kill each other. BRING IT ON.

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You've been dating your significant other for a while now, and you've decided to make it official and get a place together!

As the first weeks go by, you start to notice the little inconvenient things they do, like occasionally forget to flush the toilet.

And picking something to watch on TV is always a lose/lose situation.

We are not watching Pawn Stars!

It's either this or Hardcore Pawn.

Can we at least watch something that doesn't involve old white guys ripping people off!?

Counting Cars?


You imagine all the food you'll be making together will be delicious.

And the things you used to ignore keep causing arguments.

Why did you leave this fork in the sink if the dishwasher was RIGHT THERE!?

But at the end of the day, you're just as excited to see them come home as you were the first time you saw them.

And you realize why you moved in with them in the first place.

For the cuddles, of course!

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