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Posted on May 12, 2017

This Clip Of Katy Perry Singing In Some Weird AF Language Is Hilarious And Now I'm A Fan

~ skiibi dibbi in the yard ~

Katy Perry, honestly, does everything. She’s the face of Covergirl, does voiceover work on the Smurfs movie, has a few makeup lines, and SHE SINGS. WOW.


Turns out, some people don't really care for that singing part...


But this video is so hilarious that you might just become a STAN.

"katy perry doesn't have any talent" ok,, sweattie, then explain THIS 🙄

Stan: an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity

Think: That one Eminem song.

Who cares what she's singing, it's a hit:

@th0tcouture Katy Perry: Yarby dansel dabel doops Me: IMI DOOKA MIMI SHOOPS

You can literally just make up your own words and it'll sound perfect.

Just like when Miley finally released Malibu:

me an hour after malibu comes out pretending to know the words

Wow or when Gaga performed The Cure for the first time at Coachella:

Me at Coachella pretending to already know the words to The Cure

Or just everyone @ Taylor Swift's music, in general:

Me pretending to know the lyrics of Taylor's full discography the first time I listened to her albums

Even the Katy stans (that don't know words to her own songs) know what's up:

katy stans pretending to know the lyrics to bon appetit

It's basically everyone at their fave's concert TBH:

Me when KP4 tour comes along and I still haven't remembered all of the lyrics to the album yet @katyperry

I'm here for it!

For your enjoyment, here is the whole song:

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    I actually really like it, it's so catchy!
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    WTF. Wow. This is weird AF.
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    I play Sims, so I actually know what is going on. Thanks.
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    It's not the best but it's better than Bon Appetite.

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