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15 Things That Happen When You've Been Single Way Too Fucking Long

Some days I'm like "fuck yeah I'm single" and other days I'm like "fuck, yeah I'm single."

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1. Flip-flopping on how you actually feel about being single.

2. Swiping yourself into boredom on dating apps and callin' it quits.

Instagram: @singlewomanprobs

Only to re-download tinder the next day.

3. Following astrological twitter accounts to see if the stars are the reason you're actually single.

And taking it personally. I guess I make people uncomfortable because I'm loud...whatever.

4. Wholeheartedly believing in the results of a ~love quiz~ from BuzzFeed.

I took this quiz almost six months ago...*fingers crossed*

I took this quiz almost six months ago...*fingers crossed*

5. Regretting going onto Facebook and seeing yet another engagement/pregnancy/relationship post.

*logs onto Facebook* *first post is an engagement announcement* *second post is baby announcement* *deletes Facebook*

Every. Single. Day.

6. Watching movies that are about single people and thinking "YES! FINALLY!"


Yes, this is great.

...but also crying way too much at good AF rom-coms because that's exactly what you want.

Warner Bros. / Via

*cries* FUCK ME UP.

7. Not believing when someone you find attractive finds YOU attractive.

Hmmm, lies.

8. Talking yourself into a crush and immediately regretting it.

Me: he obviously doesn't like me. I need to get over him. Inner me: keep imagining cute scenarios with him and mak…

Once you tell yourself you shouldn't have a crush, it happens, and it'll hurt forever.

9. Like, the littlest things just make you *swoon*.

me: *I won't fall for him*him: "hey what's up" me:


10. Flirting with someone and getting anxiety about what to text because it's been so long.

NBC / Via

Or worse, just completely making a fucking fool of yourself.

11. And then you start working yourself up about the text messages.

wow so my bf who isn't my bf is just gonna ignore me and not text me back evn tho i didn't text him and never gonna…

~ ur not even dating ~

12. Thinking about the sex you should be having is the worst.

Just think about how awkward it's going to be when you do it again.

13. Deciding that you're done with trying because no one ultimately cares.

Instagram: @bigkidproblems

What's the point?

14. Realizing that YOU just don't care anymore.

I been single so long , not giving a damn 😂 me and money on some forever shit 😻

Me + Money = 4 eva.

15. You finally decide to just do you because it's fucking fine that you're single.

Seriously though, it's okay. Go travel or something.

And you know what, you just work on being the best you.

Me to myself: "You don't need a man, you working on you, you glowin, ya ass not fat but baby steps, you focused on…

Eat some good food.

yum yum yum.

Live a life with no problems.

yes yes yes.

The single life is a beautiful life.


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