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The Emotional Roller Coaster That Is Being A NY Islanders Fan

If you're a NY Islanders fan, you understand the ups and downs that you will experience during the season.

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So you're a devoted NY Islanders fan, huh?

You're constantly being scrutinized and judged by other NHL fans for your choice in a team.

Don't you dare speak about JT like that.

Sure, we haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1983.

I know. Which can only mean that for 31 years someone, somehow; has been successfully sabotaging our team.

Voodoo. It's the only explanation.

Hockey games in general are nerve wrecking to watch. But watching the Isles is a whole new level of stress.

Be prepared to down a drink or maybe an entire keg after a game.

They're one of those teams that like to keep you on your toes until the very end.

When they give up those ridiculous 2-3 goals within the 1st and 2nd periods; you're probably on your couch throwing a tantrum.

You begin to question your loyalty to the team.

But then something amazing happens during the 2nd half of the 2nd period.

Is what's happening, what I think is happening right now?

We're making a COMEBACK!?!


They'll get a shot or 2 in the back of the net. This, will make you one happy and proud fan.

Now this will go either one of two ways.

The Isles will build up your hopes and dreams of a comeback, just to have them shot down at the end of the 3rd period; or after OT/SO.


There will only be seconds left in the 3rd period and the Islanders will still hold the lead.

Is this real life? Have your prayers finally been heard?

The final buzzer will go off and it's like sweet music to your ears.

Victory. Sweet, sweet victory. And it tastes so good.

All the doubt will be washed away with pride. A reminder that no matter how much emotional turmoil the NY Islanders may put you through, they're still your team. And they need you just as much as you need them.

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