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    20 Reasons The Dude Is Who We Should All Aspire To Be

    Everyone would benefit if we could all just add a little more "dudeness" to our lives.

    1. He understands that a sweet pair of shades is a necessity of every day life.

    2. The Dude respects women as human beings, unlike Jackie Treehorn.

    3. He enjoys the simple pleasures of Tai Chi and drinking.

    4. His Dudeness has a knack for finding something fucking interesting in every conversation.

    5. He doesn't let other people's opinions sway his own.

    6. Dude would rock the cover of Time magazine's Man of the Year issue.

    7. The Duder enjoys the simple things in life such as drinking a brew and smoking some green on a nice afternoon drive.

    8. He doesn't worry about the pressures of dates and times.

    9. El Duderino will let you know when he needs his space.

    10. He has impeccable taste for interior design.

    11. He would NEVER let a single drop of alcohol go to waste.

    12. He's a lover not a fighter.

    13. The Dude has no shame in letting you know he's completely lost in a conversation.

    14. He doesn't dwell on things he can't change.

    15. Dude understands it's important to show sympathy for people in unfortunate situations.

    16. He is a law abiding citizen.

    17. The Dudeness doesn't refrain from calling it as he see's it.

    18. He knows how to just take a moment and chill.

    19. The Dude is an expert at making a mean Caucasian.

    20. And lastly, he understands that no matter what happens; life goes on.

    In the Dude we trust.