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    • amandanikold

      I think that the punishment is a little much, considering rapists typically don’t even get sentenced that harshly. however, this is NOT a case of him not knowing with unknowing transmission. He knew. He should have told him. It is 100% his responsibility. And while it is true that antiviral drugs are very good nowadays, it does NOT decrease transmission risks to 0. It is significantly lowered, but it is still not 0. It is good that he is practicing safe sex with the condom, but if you think about it…him not telling his sexual partner he has infected with hands down the most devastating STD there is out there is NOT a facet of safe sex. It’s manipulative. That manipulative nature can be seen in his denying of his sexual encounter with his partner when cornered. In short, is he a criminal? yes. does he deserve 25 years? no. does he deserve SOME prison time? absolutely.

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