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    10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Super Mario Bros.

    Despite what your parents told you, your brains weren't rotting away as you battled Bowser on your NES.

    1. Stop and smell the flowers.

    Sure, they may give you allergies, but you never know when one will give you a great opportunity... like the ability to shoot fireballs at your enemies.

    2. Look before you leap.

    Anything can put in you in the path of disaster. And who wants to hear the "Mario death" sound? It's the chime of pure failure.

    3. Don't be afraid of the road less traveled.

    It may take you to new and exciting places. And admit it: Worlds 1-3 through 3-4 are boooooring.

    4. Mushrooms are a healthy part of any diet.

    They have immune-enhancing properties and may help you live longer. Or maybe even give you a 1-Up in life. But not all mushrooms are created equal—some do strange things like make you grow taller. Hasn't anyone learned from Alice in Wonderland?

    5. Reach for the stars.

    Then when you reach your goal, don't be afraid to knock out everyone in your path.

    6. Be persistent.

    Keep breaking barriers until you reach your goal. Just don't shatter your hand while doing so.

    7. Think big, even when you're small.

    You can accomplish great things, even if you're not as powerful as others around you. Have you ever tried cramming Fire Mario underneath the beanstalk brick?

    8. Always check the weather before going outside.

    You never know when it's going to be cloudy with a chance of Spinies. And always wear sunscreen.

    9. Time is of the essence.

    Don't be too late to the party. Get there before the clock runs out and someone may even set off fireworks in your honor.

    10. There's no such thing as "Game Over." / Via

    You can always hit "Reset" or come back and play again tomorrow.

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