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20 Nostalgic School Supplies And Dorm Room Décor We All Owned At Some Point

Let's go back to school.

From spiral notebooks to stackable crates, there's a certain nostalgic factor associated with school supplies and decorating your dorm room. So, let's get into it!

1. Composition notebooks were a must-have item.

Green composition notebook with a pen next to it
Julnichols / Getty Images

2. Labeling the specific tabs on those plastic organizational folders was a shot of pure serotonin.

Close up photo of colorful vinyl organizational files
Vasiliki / Getty Images

Did you like to pretend you were a high-power executive at some made-up business? (Because I did, even though I was just labeling my classes.)

3. Fairy lights were in EVERY dorm room ever. Bonus points if they were multi-colored and stayed on 24/7.

Photo of white fairy lights
Anna Efetova / Getty Images

4. Adding a seat cushion to the stark wooden chair the dorm gods bestowed upon you was a luxury, but also a necessity.

Photo of colorful seat cushions against a white backdrop
Oksana2010 / Shutterstock / oksana2010

5. Some sort of cheesy wall art! This could include butterfly stickers, a cliche saying, or a wine-related joke.

Photo of removable butterfly stickers on a white wall / Via Trubetter Store

6. Those odd cubes. We all had 'em. They stored random items and also offered additional seating for guests.

Photo of an orange seating cube against a white backdrop
Exopixel / Shutterstock / exopixel

7. A cheap over the door mirror. Bonus points if it falls down again and again.

Photo of an over-the-door mirror against a white door / Via Naomi Home Store

8. As many stackable drawers as possible. They hold snacks. They hold clothing. They hold random flyers you get at the union.

Photo of colorful stacking bins
Yevhen Roshchyn / Shutterstock / Yevhen Roshchyn

9. A whiteboard you put on your front door for everyone to write messages on.

Photo of a hanging dry erase board
Thomas Söllner / Getty Images/EyeEm

10. Remember rolling backpacks? They made school feel like an adventure.

Eight-year-old girls head home after after school rolling their backpacks down the school hallway.
Jonathan Kirn / Getty Images

11. And no matter your age, JanSport backpacks always seemed to dominate the scene.

Various back-to-school knapsacks for Weekend
Tory Zimmerman / Toronto Star via Getty Images

12. A Papasan chair AKA those circular chairs that just ends up holding clothes.

Photo of a person sitting in a white Papasan chair
Johner Images / Getty Images/Johner RF

13. When you open up your notebook and write the date down on that first day of school, you obviously wanted to use a felt tip flair pen of course.

Photo of colorful flair pens on a white backdrop
Tada Images / Shutterstock / Tada Images

14. A pencil case was so important. The centerpiece of your school supplies, the compact design was available in a variety of colors.

Photo of an open clear pencil box with items stored inside
Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

Nowadays, they're more of a pouch shape but back then, it was a hard plastic box.

15. Those stacking point pencils were just cool. Inventive and easy to misplace, these pencils always had the most fun designs.

Photo of various stacking point pencils on a white background / Via Fun Express Store

16. A fun eraser pack changed the game when drawing, and the pink pearl ones were just the best.

Photo of a pink eraser on a white background
Jskiba / Getty Images

17. Or those tiny pencil top erasers?

Photo of pencil top erasers in a pile against a white background
Little Hand Images / Getty Images

18. Those desk organizers that sit on your fake wood school-issued desk.

Photo of a white desk organizer
Hannah Yelverton / Getty Images

Spiral notebooks, pens and pencils, scissors, and stationary organized neatly and sitting on a brick hearth.

19. A shaggy run that you never vacuum and it sits on the dirty floor and collects dust

Close up photo of a grey textured rug
Sean Gladwell / Getty Images

Thick gray rug textured background

20. Maybe this is a bit specific, but Lisa Frank folders were all the rage — in college or not.

Photo of colorful Lisa Frank folders on a white background / Via Innovative Designs

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