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    Teachers Are Sharing The Absolute Worst Excuses They've Ever Heard And They're Really, Really Bad

    "My dog ate my homework" just doesn't cut it anymore.

    Have you ever come up with a wild excuse for not finishing your homework?

    1. Their grandma stole it.

    Photo of a grandmother and her dog

    2. Their parrot flew into a fire.

    Photo of a parrot.

    3. A student left his homework in a room that he then forgot existed.

    Photo of a surgery unit

    4. A sneaky kid "forgot" to submit his work.

    Photo of a child attending school online

    5. A wild duck flew in and ate their homework.

    Photo of a cute duck standing around

    6. The file was just not available.

    Photo of a woman looking concerned at a computer

    7. It was in Mexico.

    Photo of Mexico

    8. She broke her back.

    Photo of a woman in a yellow sweater stretching her back

    9. A coffee disaster ensued.

    Photo of coffee spilling.

    10. Their cat ate their homework.

    Photo of an "over it" cat sitting on a chair

    11. Their dog actually...ate their homework.

    Dog on a couch

    12. Their dad sold it!

    "Sold" sign

    13. The teacher's kid tore up the students' homework.

    Photo of a toddler distracting her mother

    14. They burned their workbook at Boy Scouts.

    A fireplace and roasting marshmallows

    15. A squirrel went and defecated on their homework.

    Photo of a squirrel hiding behind a tree.

    16. An actual broken arm prevented them from doing their homework.

    Photo of a doctor wrapping a child's arm in a bandage

    17. A cat gave birth and ruined their homework.

    Photo of a tiny white baby kitten

    Do you have any excuses for not doing your homework that actually worked? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.