These 14 Queer Rom-Coms Will Have You Feeling Every Single Emotion

    I'd like to thank the academy for these incredible performances...

    Rom-coms can get a lot of slack, but let's be honest, they're always a good time. Whether you're going through a breakup and want to be reminded that love exists, or you're just a romantic at heart, these queer rom-coms should definitely be on your list.

    1. The Half of It

    Two characters in focus with third blurred; title text in middle

    2. Happiest Season

    Cast pose for a holiday photo in a gold frame; title text below

    3. Crush

    Three main characters with title text above

    4. Big Eden

    Big Eden movie title against a cloudy sky

    5. Love, Simon

    Main character shown at the bottom of the poster with title text above

    6. Saving Face

    Main characters dancing

    7. Boy Meets Girl

    Two characters standing next to each other

    8. The Feels

    Poster shows drawings with title text in center

    9. The Thing About Harry

    Credit; Freeform When Sam (Jake Borelli) is forced on a road trip with his former high school bully, Harry (Niko Terho), he learns that Harry has grown up since his high school days. It's soon revealed that Harry bullied him because he was hiding that he's pansexual. As romance blooms, the plot becomes filled with unexpected roadblocks, drama, and plenty of comedy. The Freeform movie stands out as a fresh take on a rom-com, complete with a winding journey. Peter Paige (The Fosters and Good Trouble co-creator) directed this wonderful film. 

    Stream it here.

    10. The Wedding Banquet

    Two characters in wedding attire

    11. The Birdcage

    Main characters pictured under a theater marquee sign with title text shown

    12. Booksmart

    Two main characters sit next to each other

    13. I Love You Phillip Morris

    Main characters walking dogs

    14. But I'm A Cheerleader

    Main character wears prom dress with title text at top


    What's your favorite LGBTQIA+ rom-com? LMK below!