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21 Times Bella Hadid Proved '90s Fashion Is Back And Better Than Ever

The supermodel loves a '90s trend.

Bella Hadid knows how to rock a trend, and lately she's been all about the '90s to early 2000s throwback style. Aside from her glam red carpet or catwalk moments, the supermodel usually sticks to nostalgic streetwear for her daily struts around NY.

Like this bright pink, logo-adorned sweater. The collared shirt, straight-leg jeans, and Doc Martens loafers scream '90s.

Bella Hadid in a pink sweater and jeans

Or this fluffy sweater moment. Check out the white shoulder purse, scrunchie, sunglasses, and clipped-back hair. For Bella, it's all about the accessories.

Bella Hadid in a white sweater and black pants

An oversized plaid blazer and sweater vest are quintessential '90s style, but the mini bag and face-framing layers really seal the deal.

Bella in Soho wearing a plaid blazer and jeans

I mean this in the best way possible: Doesn't this tropical printed tank look like the exact one your mom wore on vacation back in the day? No? Just me? The low-rise white pants are definitely giving me mall-rat mid-2000s vibes.

Bella wearing white jeans, sneakers and a printed tank top

Again, I say this with love, but I'm pretty sure I wore this exact ruffled tank top to the movies in middle school. Oh, those Friday nights at Wings Plus. Bella's even wearing a '1996' gold necklace. She knows what she's doing!

Bella Hadid wearing workout shorts and a pink and white tank top

It's the oversized bowling button-up. It's the tiny white crop top. It's the green sunglasses and rolled-over Dickies pants. It's a modern, nostalgic style, and I'm here for it.

Bella in a brown shirt and white pants

Now, this is '90s inspired in the best way ever. It's giving multi-patterned suburban teen who just wants to express herself vibes. We love it!

Bella Hadid in a yellow shirt and patterned pants

It wouldn't be a '90s roundup if there weren't cargo pants involved. It's a textbook Kat Stratford look if I've ever seen one.

Bella Hadid in a red t-shirt, green jacket and beige cargo pants

Camo! Fur lining! Striped trousers! A tiny headband! Loafers! Double braids! It's everything and more.

Bella Hadid in a camo jacket and striped pants

Now, everyone out there once owned a T-shirt like this, and if you were like me, it was your prized possession. Seems like Bella agrees.

Bella Hadid in an orange coat and jeans

Take a look at this junk food T-shirt, for instance. The ripped jeans and pink baby tee are really the '90s staple must-haves. Britney would've definitely worn this exact outfit.

Bella Hadid in a pink tee and jeans

The casual wide-leg pants with the tiny tee and vest situation spell out throwback perfection.

Bella Hadid in a jean jacket, vest and pink t-shirt

This photo is what inspired this article. It's pure '90s dream come true: varsity jacket, leopard print bag, sweater vest. Yes, please.

Bella Hadid in a sweater, jacket and printed pants

We've got a striped scarf, patterned mittens, a soft headband, and a large tote bag. This look embodies the '90s to early 2000s trend to perfection in that it's a little wacky but in all the right ways. Bella's not trying too hard here. She's just cool.

Bella Hadid in a black puffer coat and a patterned scarf

This is an "edgy academic that hangs out with the chess team but knows she might also win prom queen" look.

Bella Hadid in jeans, a sweater vest and an oversized jean jacket

We've got a playboy bunny tank top, a Harley-Davidson leather jacket, pinstripe pants, and platform loafers. Chef's kiss.

Bella Hadid in a leather jacket and striped pants holding a green juice

A red low-rise tracksuit? J.Lo would definitely approve of this look. Sign me up!

Bella Hadid in a red zip up jacket and pants

A Fendi headband, a yellow varsity jacket, and low-rise jeans with red loafers? I'm in looooove.

Bella Hadid walking in New York wearing a yellow jacket and jeans

This plaid scarf headband is just nostalgic perfection. We're not even taking the tan oversized blazer and Dickies pants into consideration. It's all about the headband here.

Bella in a plaid headband, a tan blazer and black low rise pants

Here we've got classic sweatpants and a studded jacket. It's really a perfect depiction of the late '90s to early 2000s chaos.

Bella in a studded jacket, a t-shirt and sweatpants carrying a duffle bag

I'm gonna leave you with this last iconic image: a denim bustier, elevated sweatpants, and loafers. Phew.

Bella arriving at her hotel wearing a denim top and oversized pants

TBH, there are so many other photos I could've included in this roundup! Now go live your best '90s-inspired life.