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Britney Spears Has Always Been Iconic, But Now Her Style Is Coming Back Into Fashion, Too

Oops, Spears did it again.

Britney Spears has made her mark in more ways than one. Known for more than just her hit records, she's truly a style maven too.

Here's a list of times that Britney's looked absolutely iconic and how you can see these styles in today's trends.

1. Her outfits have defined a generation, and you can see hints of her past looks in today's style must-haves. Like this look, for instance, is loungewear perfection!

Photo of Britney posing in red pants and a white long sleeved top

2. Baggy jeans and a flirty crop top? A staple in today's world. Plus, Brit's always known how to show off her amazing abs.

Britney posing for a photo in a yellow lace up crop top and baggy jeans

3. Matching tennis-inspired sets? Someone call Bella Hadid.

Britney Spears in a yellow matching set and tiny sunglasses

4. This bright sparkly crop top and foldover pant look is beyond incredible.

Britney in a bright pink performance look

5. Cute athletic-inspired wear is everywhere now, but Brit's always been a fan of the cropped wrap look.

Britney performing in a pink sports bra inspired top

6. And her two-piece performance sets are *chefs kiss*.

Britney performing on stage in a pink crop top and white pants

7. Those slinky scarf-inspired tops are everywhere today, and Brit spearheaded the trend IMO.

Britney smiling for a promo photo wearing a navy blue top and pants

8. Even her casual performance looks strike a chord with today's crowd. Baby tanks and cargo pants are all the rage right now. Tell me you wouldn't wear this. Microphone optional.

Britney performing in a blue tank and cargo pants

9. I just have to highlight this sequin tank top. The drama! The movement! The ease! It's stunning and totally in with the teens of today.

Britney smiling with her mom at an award show in a sparkly outfit

10. We can't forget about this impeccable moment. Kids today would simply pass out from the sheer power this look held (and then go about recreating it, of course).

Photo of Britney in a long white dress and fluffy shawl

11. Let's talk makeup trends. It's all about the slightly smudged statement eye, and Brit knew how to rock that look to a T.

Britney attending an award show wearing smudged eyeliner and bronzer

12. A pop of pastel purple eyeliner? Yes, please. Bright makeup is so in.

Photo of Britney in a pink tank top and purple eyeshadow

13. Navy eyeliner and a glossy lip? Alexa Demie definitely pulled this picture up as inspiration.

Photo of Britney in a navy top and matching eyeshadow

14. Britney and sparkly lip gloss go hand in hand. While lip gloss has always been a ~thing~, it's really been making a comeback as of recent.

Photo of Britney in a white sweater and a glossy makeup look

15. And hair trends... Maybe you can link these looks back to the '90s and early 2000s in general, but who do you think of as the reigning star during that time? Britney, of course.

Close up photo of Britney with bangs and layers posing for a photo

16. The flowy layered look is still here today in the form of curtain bangs. But Brit always knew.

Close up shot of Britney in a grey sweater

17. The high pigtails and whispy front pieces... I mean, have you looked at Instagram lately?

Photo of Britney performing in a pink crop top and pigtails

18. It was all about the curls, then and now. More and more, people are rocking their natural curls, and it's amazing to see. Here, Brit pairs her curls with a sparkly headband for a prom-inspired look.

Photo of Britney posing on a red carpet

From slinky crop tops to tiny sunglasses, Britney has had an indisputable impact on today's trends. Also, Free Britney.