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    35 Chunky Boots And Shoes You'll Want In Your Closet Immediately

    The chunky shoe trend is here to stay. This is your sign to get the ones you've been eyeing for months 👀.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Sam Edelman ankle boots that are the definition of chunky. The classic black color means they go with everything, which is exactly what you want when investing in a good boot. The padded insole and 2.25-inch platform heel will give you the height without the pain, and I can't say no to that!

    2. Converse lugged boots to take the OG Chuck Taylors to a whole new level. Which means your casual outfit will be taken up a notch (quite literally with the 2-inch platform) while still being the comfy, go-to shoe that you love.

    3. Ah, Dr. Martens Sinclair platform boots — probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think "chunky shoes." And for good reason. You've got 100% long-lasting leather, a 2-inch heel with a 1.5-inch platform, and a stylish removable middle zipper that gives you two different ways to fasten the shoe.

    4. Chunky loafers, because they are IT this season — with socks, without socks, with a cute skirt and tights, or a chill denim look. You name the outfit, these chunky loafers work for it. This particular tasseled pair come from small biz Asra, based in London.

    5. A chic platform oxford that can work in the office and for those dinner plans afterward. Because they're super lightweight, you'll get the chunky design without a heavy-weighted shoe.

    6. A pair of Chelsea ankle boots so you have the essential fall shoe. In this chunky, (nonslip!) lug-sole style, you'll be extra cozy and extra fashionable. Who said you had to settle for one or the other?

    7. Mid-calf chunky Chelsea boots to make a bold statement, especially with the color olive. They've got an ultra-chunky sole and a lugged tread (meaning they're a little heavy), BUT the comfy insole — and all the compliments you receive while wearing them — will make you want to wear them nonstop.

    The mid-calf boots being modeled in olive

    8. Zou Xou Trini loafers for those who want a classic, chained loafer with a chunky twist. They're handmade with vegetable-tanned leather in Argentina!

    9. An affordable chunky loafer with a heel because it can save you money and save an outfit. Wearing a plain-white tee and blue jeans? Boom! Put these on and the outfit does a complete 180.

    The chained loafer in black

    10. A pair of chunky platform boot heels that'll automatically make you feel like a Bratz doll. The Groovy boot (fitting name, right?) has a 3.5-inch heel, but because of the thickness, platform, and comfy insole, a clumsy heel wearer like myself can wear them all night long.

    11. Madden Girl's Cindy Chelsea boot for a great Dr. Martens alternative. With a near-perfect rating and two color options to choose from (black and white, to be exact), you'll love the versatility that these give you — and you'll love the extra cash in your pocket even more.

    Chelsea boots in white

    12. Dr. Martens 1461 Platform Shoes because what's a chunky shoe collection without them? The 1.5-inch platforms are another edgy spin on a classic shoe, while keeping what we love about Docs the same: smooth leather, yellow stitching, and 10/10 quality.

    13. A pair of chunky sneakers that'll keep an outfit casual, but nowhere near average. The cool cleated design of the sole make these sneaks something we doubt you've seen before — and who doesn't want a pair of shoes like that in their closet?

    14. OR noncleated platform sneakers to keep things cute and simple. These Amazon favorites comes in everyday colors like black, white, gray, and an adorable rose (which is a very light pink).

    15. Converse Run Star Hike platform sneakers because you know them, you love them, and you've probably been seeing them all over Instagram lately. That's because of the serious height and serious comfort that come with them.