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    10 Tee's For Anyone Who Is A Serious Music Nerd!

    Are you unable to find like-minded music lovers? Here are some t.shirts that will attract the people you are looking for. Everyone loves a snobby music in-joke!

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    Combining iconic fonts from famous artists Daft Punk, Talking Heads and the Stooges, this t-shirt will attract some attention from fellow music lovers.

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    Who wouldn't love a Tee dedicated to both The Smiths and Smithers from The Simpsons? This graphic is a perfect combination of satire.

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    As we still grieve the loss of one of musics most influential and prolific artists, this tee is an amazing homage to the evolution of David Bowie.

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    This graphic takes the highly recognizable Sonic Youth 'Washing Machine' album artwork and refocuses our attention to the original font, Futura Bold. This tee will also appeal to the design nerds among us.

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    GG Allin was one of punk most violent and shocking performers of all time, but did you know Tim Allen was also a bit of a bad ass? The Home Improvements actor spent 2.5 years behind bars for possesion of 1.5 pounds of cocaine. This t-shirt morphs both into one screwed up dude!

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    Minor Threat helped make DC punk what we love! Check out the thread count on these 'Minor Thread' patches! It’s like punk got some satin sheets, then threw up on them.

    7. / Via /products/motley-cure

    Ah, the sweet vision of The Cure's headman Robert Smith dressed in 1980's Mötley Crue attire. There is something magical about this mix-up. Maybe it's the fact that their music could not have been more different at the time?

    8. / Via

    Krautrock band NEU! helped influence many generations of musicians, including the seminal heartthrobs Depeche Mode. This tee combines both experimental bands into one awesome tee.

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    10. / Via

    Another print that intelligently combines iconic fonts from highly recognizable album artwork by Black Sabbath, CAN and Tom Waits. You will get some serious street cred from your fellow music nerds with this tee!

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