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Why Creating A 'World of Warcraft' Character Is One Of The Hardest Things You'll Ever Do

Especially if you're a Type A kind of person. Because every World of Warcraft player has spent countless minutes perfecting their character.

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So you've made it this far. You've entered the World of Warcraft, and you've picked your race and class. Good for you.

And that initial choice only took you thirty minutes.

Now it's time for some fun (read: horrible, miserable, agonizing) character customization.

Your first choice should be an easy one: skin color.

Savor this moment as it's going to be hellish later.

Now, you have to pick a facial expression. Do you want to look battle-hardened? Friendly? Like you've seem some stuff?

These things matter even though you'll almost never actually see your face in-game.

Then you move onto the first major challenge: hair style. You can do something a little grand...

Or something really extravagant...

Or just keep it simple.

Simple is great. Simple is life. Simple is how we're going to make it out of this character selection screen alive.

Next up, you have to color that hair. Ask yourself these questions: do you want to stand out?

Or do something more classic and understated?

Or should you find a happy medium?

Compromising with the character selection screen is good. It's a merciful god.

You can add a sick beard to finish things off, and then you're finished with the first obstacle.

Now, you play the naming game. There's quite a lot of approaches to this that will determine how much more time we spend on this screen.

You can test your luck and sacrifice yourself to the "Randomize" gods.

"Erroodiir," really? Come on, Blizzard...

You can check to see if "Legolas" isn't taken.

Everyone really wants to be Legolas deep down.

You can REALLY check to see if any variation of "Legolas" is taken.

At this point, you're just being desperate.

You can try a name that you've really had your hopes on...and wallow when you find out it's unavailable.

But after all of that, you finally find a name that you want AND is available.

Then you're done. Congratulations, you created a World of Warcraft character...

Until you realize you messed up, and you don't like that character you've made. So you delete it.

And then it's back to square one for another hour.

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