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Why Detroit Should Be Your Next Culinary Destination

You heard it here first // Where to go when you visit Detroit #detroitfoodmecca get it trending

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We've all heard the preconceived notions of Detroit, but come to the motor city in 2016 and you will be overwhelmingly surprised by the changes that have taken place. Most people only ventured to downtown Detroit to enjoy a sports game with the family or get to work if this was their place of employment. Not anymore. Culinary enthusiasts are flocking to Detroit and new restaurants are popping up everywhere. Even celebrity chefs like Michael Symon are jumping on this opportunity. Throw out those negative thoughts and listen to the reasons Detroit should be your next stop.

but seriously throw them out.


A signature delicacy of Detroit. The long held rivalry between Lafayette and American still persists, only intensified since they are located right next to each other. Go to either and you will taste the hands down best coney dog out there surrounded by a lively atmosphere of Detroit natives. If you're feeling ambitious, get one from both places and taste test yourself- you can add your opinion to the long held debate of which place does it better

Must Get: Coney Dog (duh) and Chili Cheese Fries

Pro Tip: If you want the truly authentic experience, go to Lafayette at lunch time on a weekend right before a tigers game- you are sure to have the ultimate Detroit coney experience

2. Buddy's Rendezvous Pizzeria

We did it here first folks. Detroit Pizza is the new big thing in pizza, but we've been doing it this way all along. It recently came to NYC but everyone will admit Buddy's is the birthplace of the famous Detroit style deep-dish pizza, which (in our opinion) is better in every way than Chicago's version but you'll have to come see for yourself.

They have GF and whole-wheat crusts available but the real enthusiasts know that these crusts can never measure up to the original.

Must Get: The Detroiter

Pro Tip: Coupons available online

3. Slows BBQ

need i say more....

Slows was really the catalyst that started the renewal of Detroit and it has stayed consistent since its opening. Don't forget to try all 5 sauces!!!! (Tell us your favorite in the comments)

Beyond BBQ they have been said to have one of the best mac & cheese in the country.. come see for yourself

Must Get: Mac & Cheese, The Half Pound and 2 Sides Plate (your choice of meat and sides)

Pro Tip: Go during Happy Hour (because what goes better with BBQ than beer amiright????)

4. Roast- Michael Symon's Steakhouse

Amidst the Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian trends that are taking over, Roast is a comforting reminder of why we should throw those phrases out. Treat yourself to an indulgent steak at this classy and trendy steakhouse.

Must Get: Brussel Sprouts and Walnuts (don't knock them before you try them here)

Pro Tip: Go during Detroit's Restaurant Week to get the most bang for your $$$ (fall 2016). Also be sure to check out the Beast of the Day (always the featured special)

5. Astro Detroit

Hipsters really do make the best coffee. This cute coffee shop is crawling with people at all times of day and is a perfect spot to get exotic coffee blends and healthy treats. Their menu changes seasonally so you know you are always getting the best product available

Must try: the egg sandwich

Pro tip: Get here early if you want to be able to get a seat and do work

6. Sister Pie


Sister Pie is committed to using seasonal ingredients which means their pies change based on what is at its peak. They use high-quality products and it truly shows in their delicious treats. Come here and taste for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

We agree with Bon Appetit Magazine, if nothing else draws you to Detroit, come for the PIE ( oh and they have other baked goods too)

Must Get: Salted Maple Pie and Peanut Butter Paprika Cookies

Pro Tip: They have a pie club where you can pre-purchase 3 months of pie for a lucky recipient for only $80 (or you can just purchase it for yourself...)

7. Rose's Fine Food

The ultimate diner. Besides offering phenomenal food, Rose's commitment to paying their workers a living wage is commendable and keeps the community vibes present and alive. After being nominated by Bon Appetit for one of the top 50 new restaurants , people are flocking from all over Michigan to visit this establishment offering a diner-esque menu.

Must Get: Cry-Baby. Don't ask just order. Right away.

Pro-Tip: Sit at the counter and eat like a local

8. Seldon Standard

A regional James Beard nominee, this restaurant serves up fresh food, small plates style. They have incredible food for lunch, brunch, or dinner, and the small plates style allows you try to more dishes than you would be able to otherwise. Their food is consistently good and you should definitely give it a try when you come to town.

Must Get: Lamb Ragu

Pro Tip- Don't worry about making a reservation, they always leave a majority of the seats in the dining room for walk-ins only (so be spontaneous and get over here)

This list only BEGINS to hit on the new restaurants that are popping up all over Detroit. You can get amazing Greek food here, and even get trendy ramen noodle soup here.

There are endless possibilities in Detroit for food and more is coming. Don't you want to be on the front end of the trend and get here now? Your tastebuds will thank you.

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