Just 21 Ways Sex Is Really, Really Good For You

    It’s not just about burning calories. We’re talking possibly helping migraines and kidneys.

    1. Good news: Lockdown sex may reduce your risk of developing anxiety and depression.

    2. And in general, having sex today may help with your anxiety tomorrow.

    A backlit image of a couple with their foreheads touching

    3. Tired of fighting with your partner? Makeup sex could help you bounce back quicker.

    4. Sex may stop your memory from getting worse.

    Meme of brain compartmentalised into sections: inappropriate comments, sarcasm, work, food and alcohol, clothes makeup shoes and sex

    5. And it could totally keep your mind sharp too!

    6. Frequent sex can even help you pass kidney stones.

    Kidney stones lying in a pool of ejaculate, with text stating, "Sex helps you pass kidney stones? Oh yes!"

    7. And plenty of masturbation can be as effective as oral medication for kidney stones!

    Cartoon of sperm swimming with a kidney stone: "My kidney stone got stuck mid-shaft, so I took matters into my own hand"

    8. Ejaculating more may mean a lower risk of prostate cancer.

    Meme of Gru from "Minions" teaching with a whiteboard, only to find a mistake: "No Nut November promotes prostate health awareness"; "Not Nutting for November is bad for your prostate health"

    9. If you’re struggling with chronic pelvic pain caused by endometriosis, nonpenetrative sex is still sex and can be great!

    An image of a woman clutching her abdomen in pain

    10. Vibrators may help stop you from premature ejaculation.

    An image of a pink wand vibrator on a pink background

    11. A happy and fulfilling sex life is good for your self-esteem and mental health, especially if you have a physical disability.

    12. Quality matters! Good sex is great for your heart.

    An image of a heart on a yellow background

    13. Sex gets your blood pumping, the same way a brisk walk would.

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    14. An active sex life has been associated with reduced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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    15. Mind-blowing sex may be the solution to your brain-busting headaches.

    16. Successful aging starts with staying sexually active as you get older.

    17. Frequent masturbation or sexual activity can prevent the onset of erectile dysfunction.

    A screencap of Aubrey Plaza from "The To-Do List"

    18. Pleasuring yourself with a hot new sex toy can ease symptoms of menopause.

    19. Sex could help with your allergies.

    20. Boost your body’s immune system with a weekly sex sesh.

    21. And as your immune system reacts to your sexual behavior, it could make you more fertile, even when you’re not ovulating!