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    Just 31 Cute Pieces Of Plus-Size Clothing From Target

    Whether you're in the mood to wear sundresses, jumpsuits, shorts, or just comfy pajamas.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A high-waisted floral midi skirt with a high slit that should be your new picnic uniform.

    A model in the skirt

    2. Or maybe you'd rather wear a short-sleeved dress that looks kind of like a picnic blanket (but in a chic way).

    A tiered dress with flutter sleeves and a ribbon at the collar

    3. A swim romper that you could probably wear out on the town with the right jacket over it.

    A blue swim romper with a v neck cinched slightly below the waist

    4. A print that'll scream, "I'm ready to pear-ty!" (Umm, a pear-printed puff-sleeve shirt, FYI.)

    A black shirt with a yellow pear pattern

    5. A pretty-in-pink dreamy floral dress to prance around in fields in, or just around your apartment.

    A tiered dress with a v-neck and puff sleeves

    6. An affordable high-support bra that'll make sure you can run freely without fear of flashing someone in the park.

    7. A pair of your new go-to pull-on linen shorts to go with just about anything.

    A model in high-waisted navy blue shorts

    8. White overalls! Because you're probably not going to roll around in the grass or do gardening so they won't get dirty.

    The white overalls

    9. This pleated three-tone dress that will have you twirling anywhere and everywhere to show it off.

    A model in a hot pink, red, and pale pink tone dress

    10. A mini wrap ~skort~ to add a pop of color to even a basic white T-shirt and sneakers outfit.

    Model wearing the skort

    11. A vertical-striped short-sleeved blouse that will never go out of style.

    A model in the white blouse with blue stripes

    12. A brighter-than-sunshine yellow polka dot dress with pockets to put a little pep in your step.

    A model in a yellow dress with white polka dots and a tie string waist

    13. A white eyelet detailed crop top that you can wear with any shirt, shorts, or skort.

    The top

    14. A striped T-shirt dress – it will baaaasically feel as comfy as wearing pajamas outside.

    A black short-sleeved dress with thin white horizontal stripes

    15. A boilersuit with lots of pockets that is actually shorts so you won't be boiling in it.

    A short-sleeved zippered jumpsuit in green

    16. A dress with a built-in belt so there'll be one less accessory to keep track of in your closet.

    A black short-sleeved dress with pink and green florals

    17. A white denim dress that you can wear up until Labor Day (or after—you do you).

    A white long sleeved button up dress that cinches at the waist

    18. A flirty off-the-shoulder top with a dark floral print you can rock in any season.

    A long sleeved top with ruffled detailing at the neckline hem

    19. An animal print blouse that you can also pair with matching pants for a full wild lewk.

    A model in a short sleeved cheetah print blouse in black and white

    20. The softest pajama set you will ever wear. Seriously. Not kidding about this.

    A model in a short sleeve tee and matching pajama short in dark green with pink floral watercolor patterns

    21. High-rise boyfriend jean shorts with a frayed bottom that can kind of look like you cut them yourself.

    A model in the jean shorts

    22. A utility skirt with lots of buttons you'll rely on over and over again.

    A model in a beige button up skirt that falls just above the knee

    23. A long maxi dress that comes in six different colors and has adjustable straps in case you're not super tall.

    A model in a tiered green strapped maxi dress with floral patterns

    24. A lilac tie-dye French terry pullover – it'll be a nice lightweight layer for cooler summer days or intense air conditioning indoors.

    The pullover

    25. A V-neck, wide leg jumpsuit that has spandex and a cute tie waist so your waist will be cinched and you'll be able to dance around freely.

    A model in a black jumpsuit with thin vertical white stripes

    26. A scoop neck T-shirt to line your drawers with for plenty of different mix-and-match shirt-and-short combos.

    A model in a pink scoop neck tee

    27. A black floral dress that can easily be worn in other seasons, so buy now and wear all year long.

    A model in a black short-sleeved dress with purple florals

    28. A short-sleeved eyelet dress – it comes in a multitude of colors so you can get a rainbow of dresses and no one will know you're wearing basically the same thing every day.

    The dress in blue

    29. A sleeveless linen jumpsuit that is soft, breathable, totally chic, and won't break the bank.

    A model in the beige jumpsuit

    30. Mid-rise shorts with an elastic waist and built-in belt to grab when you don't know what to wear.

    31. A button-down sleep shirt in cooling material that you could probably get away with wearing in public as a dress, too.

    A model in a pale pink long sleeve dress with watercolor floral patters

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