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    29 Times Marutaro The Hedgehog Won Over Your Heart

    Marutaro the Hedgehog's vine account has THE cutest hedgehog videos in all of vine... and possibly the world.

    Although Marutaro and his family reside in Japan, watching their vine videos makes it feel like they're right at home with you. Being all cute and cuddly.

    1. When he was a model for Vine

    2. When Marutaro and his family hung out in bowls

    3. When we learned that he wasn't ticklish

    4. When he hung out with his pine cone friends

    5. When he wiggled his butt for the camera

    6. When he made figure 8s

    7. When he showed off his soccer skills

    8. When he showed us his lack of bowling skills

    9. When he was a pokemon

    10. When he thought this bush was his bed

    11. When we learned that his favorite color was green

    12. When he was surrounded by a circle of eggs

    13. When we got formally introduced to his daughter

    14. When we learned that even when he does nothing, he's adorable

    15. When he was chilling in a rice bowl

    16. When he walked in a straight line

    17. When he showed us his true powers

    18. When we found out that he loves spending time with his family

    19. When we found out that fall was his favorite season

    20. When he dressed up as a hedgebat for Halloween

    21. When we found out that he's good at interior design

    22. When we found out that he wasn't a morning person

    23. When he played with props

    24. When he pimped his ride

    25. When we learned that he loves asian pears

    26. When he was a beach bum

    27. When he munched on some veggies

    28. Even when he just sat there

    29. And last but not least, when we learned that he has friends just as cute as he is!
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