The 20 Craziest Fandoms On Tumblr

They’re dedicated…and possibly insane.

1. Hunters (Supernatural)

So much crying. So much hurt. But they can’t stop watching.

2. Sherlockians

The long hiatus only heightens the frenzy.

3. Whovians

The range of emotions is bigger than the inside of the TARDIS.

4. Fannibals

They are new, but have grown fast.

5. Potterheads

The gateway fandom.

6. Gleeks

They’re dedication to their ships is scary sometimes.

7. Teen Wolf

They mostly post about “Sterek”.

8. Avengers

They like the booty.

9. Ringers (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings)

Some of the most dedicated fans. It’s not easy learning Elvish.

10. Trekkies

Bringing in a new wave of crazy thanks to the reboot.

11. Cumberbitches (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Yes, they are also Sherlockians, but c’mon, they’re okay withe calling themselves Cumberbitches.

12. Nerdfighters

John and Hank Green’s personal army.

13. Merlin

The show ended last year, but it’s still on your dash constantly.

14. Directioners

They’re everywhere.

15. Tributes (The Hunger Games)

Even when the odds aren’t in their favor, they still to do stuff like this.

16. Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

Even though Martin kills all their favorite characters, they still worship him.

17. The Walking Dead

They made a meme about salad…

18. Whedonverse Fans

From Browncoats to Slayers, these people love Joss Whedon.

19. Homestucks

They’ve even raised money to fund a video game based on the web comic.

20. Avatards (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

This cartoon has so many people asking, “Which element would YOU manipulate?”

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