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    32 Reasons Niall Horan Is The Light Of One Direction

    Niall Horan. Forever the best.

    Forget Harry or Zayn!

    Niall is the true love of One Direction fans.

    1. He's an ultimate fanboy.

    2. Can rock pink hair.


    3. Is great with his fans.

    4. He's good at soccer.

    5. And golf. JD1

    6. And basketball.

    7. ...maybe not.

    But he's still adorable when getting hit in the face.

    8. This.

    9. He can rock these pants.

    10. Has sick dance moves.

    Channel 4 / Via

    11. He's a rock star.

    12. And a family man.

    13. Looks good in a onesie.

    14. Is just completely adorbs.

    15. Dat ass.

    16. Knows how to work those fingers.

    17. Glasses!

    18. Will whisper Spanish nothings in your ear.

    19. Is an absolute goofball.

    Syco Entertainment / Via

    20. Knows the important things in life.

    21. Has a rad t-shirt collection.

    22. He'll show it all on TV.

    Sky 1

    We all wish we were James Corden.

    23. Good god! This.

    24. He's a Harry Potter fan.

    25. And dressed like this.

    26. This is how he records music.

    NBC / Via

    How do we get in on this?

    27. He won't forget where he belongs.


    "Small boy from Mullingar playing Croke Park.. This is just ridiculous, THANK YOU!" - Niall

    28. He'll help out with the chores.

    29. He makes a great Prince Charming.

    30. He's got lots of energy...


    ...for "activities."

    31. He's not afraid to be goofy.


    32. And did we mention he's Irish?

    Case closed!

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