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    • alsonsk

      This whole list just completely destroys Hermione as a character, and as a role model to young women everywhere. You can have BOTH. Love and independence are not exclusive as so many people choose to promote in today’s society. I mean, really? Come on! Also, these characters went through a hell of a lot together in the 7 years chronicled alone. More than any characters or people their age should have to go through. The three of them, especially, were so close because they were the only ones who really understood what each had gone through. Harry himself is isolated in that. Think about books 5, 6, and 7, especially. He isolates himself and cuts off from most everyone because no one else really gets what he is dealing with. And Hermione and Ron, being his best friends, the two people closest with him, feel some sort of responsibility for him. They love him and want him to rely on them because they know his heart. So, really, it leaves Ron and Hermione on this totally separate ground from literally everyone else. And they find each other in that and love each other and happen to fall in love because they can connect and be honest without worrying about the other one not really understanding how each feels.  Also, I feel everyone is severely forgetting Ginny (book Ginny, not movie Ginny, bless) and how wonderful she and Harry were together. Harry never saw Hermione as more than his best friend. And that is the end of my rant :)

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