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    • alpiniay

      Yes you must MAKE BAYBIES for the State! Make then so we have more to send into our wars, to do low paying jobs, to keep the economy going. Without BAYBIES the human population might shrink, to the point where it is actually sustainable, and that would be BAHHHD!! All you over in USA should take hint from Russia! You have reduced abortion access, but now you need to get rid of homosexuals. They dont make BAYBIES!! If you dont have enough of BAYBIES, your great institution of consumer capitalism WALMART will suffer lower sales! Yes, completely IGNORE the scientific fact that people are born with their sexual preferences, and talking to a another person wont change that. If you are not a homosexual, talking to one, wont make you want to be one. HAHAHA silly science. Its only good for making the atomic weapons eh?

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