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Watch This Brave Saudi Woman Lashing Out At The Religious Police

Saudi Arabia’s religious police patrol streets and shopping malls to enforce Islamic conduct in the conservative kingdom, ensuring gender segregation and that women are "properly covered." However, this woman was not going to take it.

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“Don’t provoke me, bro!” the woman, who appears totally covered in black except for her nose and eyes, can be heard telling a member of the religious police who apparently ordered her to fully cover her face because she was not modestly dressed enough.

View this video on YouTube

“Nothing in Islam says a woman must fully cover her face,” she tells him, “and I already have half of my face covered.” She continues: “Are you only here to provoke me? I have children and I need to shop for them. Leave me alone.”

The second video shows a uniformed policeman standing next to the woman, who continues to shout at the religious police member who told her to cover up. However, according to local media, no arrest was made.

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