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Apparently, This Is How Men Should Dress

People often post outrageous outfits from women's fashion shows. Not all of these menswear outfits are outrageous but just hilarious when you picture a man actually wearing these in the real world.

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    I've often seen middle-aged women wearing this hat on the beach.

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    With this outfit, you can be a farmer AND a businessman

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    "Yes, I may have fought in the American Revolution but I bet I get more poo-tang than you"

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    The modern Roman sex-slave

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    I was just really confused whether this person was a man or a woman.

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    "I like to wear edgy pajamas"

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    I guess men enjoy wearing flower necklaces, gladiator sandals, and tons of bracelets.

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    This is actually a super cute outfit. But for a girl.

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    Our future nerd over-lord

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    This reminds me of that commercial where the guy tries to clean his suit on his own and he accidentally shrinks it. Then he goes to the office wearing said outfit and this big black guy totally did the same thing. You know that commercial? Yeah, you do.

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    "I may be wearing a skirt but it has skulls on it so it's still manly... right?"

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    Who wears short shorts? (I don't think that reference will ever get old)

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    Joey from Friends totally made it okay for men to carry purses.

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    I feel like someone just left their day-job as a bondage slave

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    It's about time that men reclaimed the jumper

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    My main problem with this rain coat is that it seems to have taken inspiration from a certain southern racist group...

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    I'm really confused by this outfit. Is he a Hasidic warrior businessman?

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    See this guy has the right idea. He is prepared for both hot AND cold

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    I totally feel for this guy. One time, I too walked out of the locker room to go to gym class and forgot to put my shorts on. So embarrassing.

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    The new business casual.

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    Wearing a see-through suit to an interview is the best way to land a job! Take it from me: I do it all the time. But then again I have boobs

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    You got to beat the heat somehow

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    Maybe this outfit gets better if you look at it through 3-d glasses.

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    I wish I could say something funny about this but I think the outfit speaks for itself.

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    Now you can take your hamster with you... on your head!

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