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    19 Reasons Working From Home Totally Rocks

    Working in an office is for suckers.

    1. The world is your office.

    2. You can work in a coffee shop.

    3. You can work in a library.

    4. You can even work outside.

    5. Or if you don't want to interact with people, you can actually work from home.

    6. Or at least try to.

    7. You can wear whatever you want and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    8. Rock pajamas all day long.

    9. Or sweatpants.

    10. Or whatever makes you feel fabulous.

    11. Every day can be "Bring Your Pet to Work Day."

    12. You can create your own work schedule.

    13. So you can sleep in late.

    14. Or spend the afternoon hanging with your friends.

    15. You can snack all day without fear of judgment.

    16. You don't have to talk to co-workers you hate.

    17. ...or your boss.

    18. You can listen to whatever music you want, at whatever volume you want.

    19. And perhaps best of all... you don't have to worry about rush hour traffic.

    In short, working from home totally rocks.