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13 Types Of People You See At Coffee Shops

If you go to a coffee shop, it's inevitable that you'll see at least one of these people. Every. Single. Time.

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1. The Stressed Out College Student

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Most often surrounded by textbooks and an aura of overwhelming anxiety. It's best to avoid them unless you want to hear them unload all of their problems on you.

2. The Professional

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The Professional wants their coffee and often want it fast because they have places to be. If they decide to sit, they'll talk loudly on the phone or text the entire time they're there.

5. Intern Getting Coffee For Their Boss

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Distinguishable from The Professional by their frenzied mannerisms and desperation to get their boss's order right. If you don't stay out of their way, they might spill hot coffee on you.

7. Moms Who Can't Escape Their Kids

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The Moms Who Can't Escape Their Kids just wanted a little coffee but were forced to bring their kids along. Unless their kids are well-behaved, prepare your eardrums for screams that echo throughout the entire shop.

9. The Would-Be Novelist

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If you ask them about their novel, they'll go on a long and passionate description of their brilliant idea that is sure to be a bestseller. (Spoiler Alert: It won't be.)

10. Jobless Young Adults Who Have Nothing Better To Do

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Jobless Young Adults Who Have Nothing Better To Do surf the internet at coffee shops so they can hate themselves slightly less than they do surfing the internet at home.

11. The Cute Couple Who Makes You Want To Vomit

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No one likes the Cute Couple That Makes You Want To Vomit. Their happiness and hand-holding makes everyone else uncomfortable and/or bitter.

12. Person You're Not Sure Is Homeless Or Just Unkept

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We all have bad days. The Person You're Not Sure Is Homeless Or Just Unkept walks the fine line between not having showered in two days and being homeless.

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