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    13 Types Of People You See At Coffee Shops

    If you go to a coffee shop, it's inevitable that you'll see at least one of these people. Every. Single. Time.

    1. The Stressed Out College Student

    2. The Professional

    3. The Person With The Super-Complicated Order That Holds Up The Line

    4. The Barista Who Can't Spell Anyone's Name Right

    5. Intern Getting Coffee For Their Boss

    6. Moms Escaping Their Kids

    7. Moms Who Can't Escape Their Kids

    8. The Hipster

    9. The Would-Be Novelist

    10. Jobless Young Adults Who Have Nothing Better To Do

    11. The Cute Couple Who Makes You Want To Vomit

    12. Person You're Not Sure Is Homeless Or Just Unkept

    13. Actual Homeless Guy