12 Reasons Kida Nedakh Is The Most Badass Disney Princess Of All Time

She may not sing, have animal friends or win a Disney Princess popularity contest, but Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a total badass.

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1. She lives on an ancient mythical underwater island.

No big deal.

2. She’s one of the only Disney Princesses who has a full name before getting married (Kidagakash “Kida” Nedakh).

3. She’s basically immortal.

4. She's a fearsome warrior.


She will mess you up.

5. She speaks more languages than any other Disney Princess.

6. She doesn't tolerate disrespect.

7. She can heal wounds using the magic crystal around her neck.

8. If Atlantis is in danger, the crystal grants her extremely awesome magical powers that rival those of any Disney animated character.

9. She saves an entire civilization and its culture from extinction.

10. Kida literally rules.

She helped her father rule for thousands of years and officially gained the throne after his death.

11. Kida is more than just an underrated Disney Princess…

12. She’s a Disney Queen.

Bring it on, Mulan.

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