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    11 Reasons Theon Greyjoy Is The Peter Pettigrew Of Westeros

    As the fourth season of Game of Thrones swiftly approaches, let's take a moment to analyze the similarities between our favorite Greyjoy and one of the least-liked characters in Harry Potter. Spoilers for seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones and all of the Harry Potter books and movies.

    1. They both have weird nicknames.

    Peter Pettigrew's nickname is "Wormtail" because his Animagus form is a rat.

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    Theon Greyjoy was given the nickname "Reek" at the end of Season 3, emphasizing his horrifying transformation.

    HBO / Via

    "You don't look like a Theon Greyjoy anymore. That's a name for a lord, but you're not a lord, are you? You're just... meat; stinking meat. You reek! Reek! That's a good name for you."

    ―Ramsay Snow to Theon Greyjoy, "Mhysa"

    2. They're overshadowed by their more powerful friends.

    Peter Pettigrew was not as intelligent or likable as the other Marauders.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "Hero-worshipped Black and Potter. Never quite in their league, talent-wise. I was often rather sharp with him... Stupid boy... Foolish boy..."

    -Minerva McGonagall, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

    Theon was a ward of the Starks and never truly part of the family.

    HBO / Via

    In "Winter is Coming", Theon is given the servant-like task of carrying Lord Stark's greatsword. Later, the Stark children find a litter of direwolf puppies, one for each of them, leaving Theon left out and puppy-less.

    3. They both begin fighting a war on the good side.

    Peter Pettigrew was a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Theon pledged his allegiance to Robb Stark and fought with him on the battlefield.

    HBO / Via

    "My sword is yours, in victory and defeat, from this day until my last day."

    -Theon Greyjoy, "Fire and Blood"

    4. They're both desperate for approval.

    Pettigrew attached himself to powerful people in an effort to stay alive.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    He served Voldemort and Death Eaters, but his motivation was the same.

    "Your devotion is nothing more than cowardice. You would not be here if you had anywhere else to go."

    —Lord Voldemort, "Goblet of Fire"

    Theon wanted to earn his father's approval after receiving a less-than-warm welcome after years of separation.

    HBO / Via

    "You gave me away! Your boy! Your last boy! You gave me away like I was some dog you didn't want anymore. And now you curse me because I've come home."

    -Theon Greyjoy, "What Is Dead May Never Die"

    5. They both participate in an important ritual.

    Pettigrew helped restore Voldemort to his full power at the end of "Goblet of Fire" in a ritual that involved cutting off his hand, taking Harry Potter's blood, and throwing them in a pot alongside Creepy Baby Voldemort.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son. Flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed, you will revive your master. Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe."

    —Peter Pettigrew, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

    Theon Greyjoy participates in a good old-fashioned ironborn baptism to affirm his faith in the Drowned God and allegiance to the ironborn.

    HBO / Via

    Drowned Priest: "Let Theon your servant be born again from the sea, as you were. Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel."
    Theon Greyjoy: "What is dead may never die."
    Drowned Priest: "What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger."
    -Theon's baptism, "What is Dead May Never Die"

    6. They betray their friends.

    Peter Pettigrew "ratted" out James and Lily's location to Voldemort after they made him their Secret Keeper.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "You sold Lily and James to Voldemort. Do you deny it?"

    "Sirius, Sirius, what could I have done? The Dark Lord… you have no idea… he has weapons you can’t imagine…. I was scared...what was there to be gained by refusing him?"

    —Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

    Robb Stark sent Theon to convince his father and the ironborn to join Robb's cause. Instead, Theon takes over Winterfell while it is undefended.

    7. Their betrayal leads to their friends' deaths.

    After learning their location from Pettigrew, Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Theon is goaded into beheading Ser Rodrik, Winterfell's Master-At-Arms.

    HBO / Via

    Although they may not have been close, Ser Rodrik taught Theon how to fight and had known him since he was a boy. Theon also causes the death of Maester Luwin, one of the only remaining people who still wanted to help him.

    8. They use faking deaths as a way to solve their problems, killing even more innocent people in the process.

    Peter Pettigrew fakes his own death to escape Sirius Black.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    When Sirius Black corners him in an alleyway, Pettigrew casts a powerful spell that kills a dozen Muggles and transforms himself into a rat. Sirius is framed for killing Pettigrew and the Muggles and spends 12 years in Azkaban.

    Theon is unable to find Bran and Rickon Stark after they escape with Osha and Hodor. Unwilling to admit defeat, he orders two farm boys to be killed and burned.

    HBO / Via

    He convinces everyone that they are Bran and Rickon in an attempt to be taken seriously as a commander.

    9. They both fall under the control of a super evil guy who loves torturing people.

    As one of Voldemort's followers, Pettigrew was complicit in the deaths and torture of many innocent victims.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Theon is captured and tortured by Ramsay Snow.

    10. The evil guy cuts off an important body part.

    Technically Pettigrew cuts off his own hand, but Voldemort orders him to do it.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Once Voldemort is restored to his body, he gives Pettigrew a shiny new hand made of metal.

    Unfortunately for Theon, he doesn't get a replacement for the body part Ramsay Snow cut off.

    HBO / Via

    11. When they try to correct their mistakes, it backfires... big time.

    In the books, Pettigrew remembers he owes Harry a life debt and decides to spare him. However, his metallic hand strangles him for his disobedience to Voldemort.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    When Winterfell is surrounded, Theon refuses to follow Maester Luwin's advice and flee to the Wall. Instead, he gives a rousing speech and intends to die alongside his men in a courageous battle.

    HBO / Via

    Unfortunately for Theon, his men betray him and he is given over to Ramsay Snow.

    We'll have to wait to find out if Theon Greyjoy will meet the same end as Peter Pettigrew, but if the similarities continue, the outlook isn't bright. However, with GRRM's history of playing with expectations, anything could happen.

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