10 Types Of People Who Ruin Board Game Night

It’s all fun and games until someone flips over the board.

1. The New Player Who Refuses To Listen

There’s nothing wrong with being new, but if you ask a million questions during the game because you didn’t listen to the rules, everyone else will hate you.

Whenever you start to explain the rules…

…they interrupt every 10 seconds.

“I’ll learn as we go along! Let’s just play already!”

Then they don’t know what to do when it’s their turn and look around the table like this.

2. The Sloth

They take fo-ev-er on Every. Single. Turn.


3. The Scarily Intense Player

This player is in it to win it using whatever means necessary. They often discourage any table talk and intimidate other players into bending to their will.

“This is going to be so much fun… WHEN I CRUSH YOUR SPIRIT!!!!”

So you’re just sitting there slightly terrified.

4. The Commander

They claim that “all they want to do is help”, but really they are control freaks who don’t know when to back off.

When you decline their help, they’ll make comments like, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, but okay…”

5. The Cheater

Whether it’s because they’re sore losers or simply enjoy breaking the rules, they try to win through dishonest means.

Most of the time they think they’re being sneaky…

even though it’s painfully obvious to everyone that they’re cheating.

So of course the first thing they do when you call them out on it is deny it.

Then they get super defensive.

“It’s just a game you guys, jeez. Lighten up!”

6. The Insanely Strict Rule Follower

They check the rulebook almost every turn to make sure nothing gets past their annoyingly strict eyes.

“Wait! I’m not sure that’s right… I better check to make sure for the thousandth time.”

7. The Paranoid Player

They spend the whole game convinced everyone else is ganging up on them.

Telling them they’re being paranoid only makes it worse.

8. The Trash Talker That Takes Things Too Far

A little teasing is fun, but this person can turn witty banter into personal attacks that make everyone uncomfortable.

Simply forgetting to pick up a card can result in comments like this.

9. The Bragger

Whether they’re winning or have already won, they’ll make sure you know it. They’ll even remind you throughout the evening as well as the next time you play (if there is a next time).

10. The Board Flipper

If they lose, you better hold down the board because there’s a 100% chance your pieces are going to scatter EVERYWHERE.

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