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What It's Like To Fly International In Coach


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You have dutifully looked up the cheapest and most comfortable airline to fly coach on.

An extra half inch of legroom? AMAZING.

You've gone through your thorough and complete checklist. You are ready to go.

Oops, forgot my retainer.

Look at all the international people at your gate!

Act natural!!!

After passing first, business, and coach plus, you are now completely in coach.

There was a moment you thought coach plus was coach. But you were wrong.

Oh good, someone is taking the middle seat next to you instead of the hundreds of other open seats.

Bitch already took the armrest.

We've got 9 hours here, buddy! I swear to God, I will kick you while you sleep!

While waiting for the restroom you entertain yourself by watching the people in the aisles sleep.

You're only creepy if they catch you.

Your carefully constructed sleep schedule falls apart as you binge watch 5 movies you'd been meaning to see.

Maybe you should have slept instead of watched Baby Geniuses, but whatcha gonna do?

During the few times you do manage to fall asleep you are immediately awoken by snoring, crinkling, or people walking by on the way to the restroom.

Or, as previously mentioned, someone staring at you while they wait for the toilet.

A few hours in you become irrationally angry at the people in first class.

At least you're one of the PEOPLE.

Did they just twitch close the curtain between first class and the rest of us?


Oh boy, you're landing. Hold on tight!

Stop screaming, lady! Oh, that's me.

After several hours in a flying metal tube you emerge slowly from the depths of coach.


You made it!!! Good job!

Now get out there and beat the inevitable and devastating jetlag!

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