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Here's Why Young Justice Should Get A Third Season On Netflix

Stay whelmed and #KeepBingingYJ

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1.It has a ton of potential for another season. (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Young Justice only had two seasons, which isn't a lot. The plot was unfinished, and they could've done so much more with the show. They also could've brought back Wally, which I think almost every fan wants. It's not like they ran out of things to do, either. With so many characters introduced, it also would've been nice to see more about them.

2. The characters are interesting.

Young Justice introduces many likable characters, and for many it's their first animated appearance. They all have unique personalities, whether you prefer Robin's joking, little-brother personality or Superboy's shy, brooding attitude. Not only that, but you also get to see what they are like when they aren't superheroes. It's pretty interesting to see them as both heroes and regular people, and it definitely makes them more relatable.

3. It has a good mix of serious and funny.

Even though it is a cartoon, Young Justice is pretty dark at times. However, it is also very funny at times. It has a good mix of dark and light so that it's not too much of either one. Kid Flash tends to lighten things up with his jokes when serious matters are going on, making the show interesting but funny. Many cartoons I see these days are constantly corny jokes and gags over and over. That's expected for a comedy, but Young Justice managed to make it funny, but not stupid. Serious, but not constantly gloomy.

4. A wide range of ages can enjoy it.

Most people will see a cartoon and will think "Oh, that's a kids show." However, in Young Justice, this is not the case. Younger kids will appreciate the characters, action, and the comedy. (Really, Who doesn't think kid flash is funny?) Older viewers can enjoy the more mature side to the show. This show is enjoyable for a wide range of ages since it is a high quality cartoon. I've seen both three year olds and 38 year olds who enjoy it.

5. There have been some hints about a third season!

Both excecutuive producer Greg Weisman and Khary Payton (voice of Aqualad) have hinted more than once about a third season for Young Justice on Twitter. See for yourself!

Those are just five reasons why Young Justice deserves another season. If you have anymore good reasons, please comment below! If you want to watch Young Justice now after reading this list, I strongly urge you to try it on Netflix. And if you already watch it, remember to keep binging it on Netflix! If you do that, There is a better chance for a third season since it will show both Warner bros and Netflix that people are interested.

  1. So what do you think? Should Young Justice get a third season on Netflix?

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So what do you think? Should Young Justice get a third season on Netflix?
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