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29 Tweets About Pizza That Will Make You Say "Honestly Same"

Honestly still not sure if pineapple belongs on pizza though.

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1. If carbs are bad then I don't want to be good.

Pizza diet 🍕😂 . . . . #pizza #meme #diet #pepperonipizza #basic #food #memes #foodgram #l4l #pizzaproposals

2. Can't argue with that logic.

Happy has five letters. #Pizza has five letters. This is no coincidence.

3. Screw healthy.

"God played a cruel joke on humanity when he made pizza unhealthy." Me:

4. Congratulations.

post malone looks like how it feels when you eat a whole bunch of pizza rolls

5. The human embodiment of evil.

I have a colleague who doesn't eat pizza crusts. I call him the Anticrust.

6. Pizza is the American dream.

Yesterday i really wanted a PIZZA Today I'm eating a PIZZA. Follow your dreams

7. Equally important decisions.

Everyone I know is buying a house, having children, & getting married I'm just sitting here trying to decide what pizza rolls I should buy

8. Sometimes people just get in the mood.

In the mood to inhale a large pizza by myself

9. Sometimes tragedy strikes.

10. Courtship at its finest.

The fastest way to my heart is ordering me some pizza 😊

11. Clearly better than any significant other.

12. People aren't anything without pizza. Pizza is nothing without cheese. Therefore, we are nothing without cheese.

13. True love.

99% sure my soulmate is a piece of pizza

14. The real question is "are celebrities human?" If the answer is yes, then yes.

do u think celebrities have each others numbers like rihanna will just text beyoncé and be like "dude i want a pizza so bad rn lol"

15. Maybe you won't have abs, but you'll have something better: half a pizza left.

*complains about not having abs* *eats 4 pieces of pizza*

16. There's nothing more fun. Nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anything more fun I could do on a Sunday besides eat pizza and then I come to my senses and eat pizza

17. Pizza is so beautiful and poetic. Damn.

Roses are red, pizza sauce is too, I ordered a large, and none of it's for you

18. It's important to be grateful...

19. ...for the beautiful things in life.

When mom says "we're ordering pizza"

20. Next level thinking.

21. Is this a real question?

22. Sounds like a challenge.

"You can't eat pizza for a week""do not underestimate my power"

23. Well, back in 2006...

If you could flash back to every pizza you've ever eaten or every person you've ever kissed which pizza would you be most excited for

24. Is there another kind of diet?

25. All day err day.

26. She's not wrong.

Ya wcw thinks liking pizza is a personality trait

27. Breakfast of champions.

when I was little I thought college kids were old, married & had their life together but here I am single & eating pizza rolls for breakfast

28. Sharing is not caring when it comes to pizza.

jin: there’s no i in team but there is one in pizza yoongi: jin: yoongi: so you’re not going to share jin: i’m not going to share

29. No form of love more pure.

In summary:

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